10 Most Lucrative Careers Right Now

10 Most Lucrative Careers Right Now | Student FinTech

When considering what career to go into, it’s good to learn which ones have the potential to make the most money, especially when students are borrowing money to attend school. Some careers pay more than others. While the level of pay is not the only reason for pursuing a particular career, the amount of money potential of a career determines the kind of lifestyle someone can live.

Most Lucrative Careers

Take a look at these top ten most lucrative careers right now to help guide your decision. (Or at least think about what career path would fit your goals.)

  1. Physician: $195,842
  2. Pharmacy Manager: $146,412
  3. Pharmacist: $127,120
  4. Enterprise Architect: $115,944
  5. Corporate Counsel: $115,580
  6. Software Developer/Manager: $107,479
  7. Physician Assistant: $108,761
  8. Software Engineer Manager: $107,479
  9. Nurse Practitioner: $106,962
  10. Software Architect: $105,329

This information is available on Glassdoor.com. You can also research other salaries to get an idea of the salary range of specific job titles. Notice there are different pay scales for different jobs within a particular field. For example, a Pharmacist makes $127,120 per year, while the Pharmacy Manager makes up to $146,412 or more. There are a number of reasons certain jobs pay more than others. The primary reason is the demand or the value that the market places on what they do.

How to Choose a Career

A pharmacist is paid a lot because they have to go to school for 6-8 years to get the pharmacy degree, which is similar to the coursework that an MD has to take to be a doctor, but they are not paid as much as a physician who gets over $195,000 per year.

Take another look at the list above and ask yourself if you have talents or interest in any of these fields. If you do, you may want to focus in on one particular job within the list that will provide you with the most financial security. This is especially true if you have had to borrow money to go to school to prepare for the career.

There are many other lucrative careers that are not mentioned that are forecasted to take off in the near future, many of them in the FinTech industry. This is because there will be an increasing need for financial experts who are also skilled in technology. These people will be greatly needed to help install networks or internet banking capabilities, as well as to handle unique forms of currency such as cryptocurrency soon.

Make your list of careers to consider and circle the top two. Then research on your own what the average salaries are and decide what you will set your goal on.

Money helps you have more freedom in life to do the things you want to do. Go for a position that will be something you will enjoy based on your skills, while allowing you the financial power to pay off your debts and enjoy life a bit.