Cryptocurrency: What Is It? 

Cryptocurrency is a new type of payment system that attempts to decentralize the banking system by using blockchain technology. It is still new right now, but some students do use alternative digital currency to pay for some college expenses.  It is not known how successful cryptocurrency will be in the future, but it will be […]

What is the Future of Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is the talk of the financial world right now. There seem to be just as many people arguing for it as against it. But what does the future of cryptocurrency look like? Let’s analyze what crypto really is and see whether it is worth it to use or invest in this type of digital […]

Has Cryptocurrency Changed How We View Money? 

Cryptocurrency has been the new trend for a few years now. As we watch it rise and decline and expand into new markets, it got us thinking – has cryptocurrency changed how we view money? If you’re not quite sure what this is, cryptocurrency (commonly known as “crypto”) is a digital form of currency. It’s […]

Best FinTech Apps in 2020 That Deserve Your Attention 

It’s obvious that mobile devices have already penetrated every sphere of our lives, and finances are no exception. FinTech apps offer excellent benefits, like high-security level, easy access, and free cards that make our life a lot easier.  The Best FinTech Apps in 2020: Matador This is almost a cross between Twitter and stock app Robinhood. On one […]

Easy Steps to Creating Your Own App and Earning Money 

Mobile apps are everywhere, and they are all about serious business now. Small to medium businesses are recognizing the value that a mobile app can bring for their bottom line! Here are a few simple steps to creating (and monetizing) your own app: An Idea is at the Core of Every Good App If you […]

Best Banking Apps of 2020: Manage Your Finances From Your Smartphone 

The rise of financial technology, also known as FinTech, has made managing your money infinitely simpler. With powerful mobile banking apps at our fingertips that allow us to manage our bank account, set and track budgets, and even deposit money on the go, we’re always connected to our finances, enabling us to stay more on […]

Extension Review: Get My Receipts 

Let’s face it: tracking purchases is a total pain. With more and more of our daily purchases being made online, it can get a bit difficult trying to manage what you spent so you can either get reimbursed, keep your budget on track, or even take deductions on your taxes. Most of the time the […]

What is Machine Learning? 

Machine learning, also referred to as “ML,” is the inner component involved in artificial intelligence. It is what allows machines or computers to be able to learn from their environment and perform tasks without explicit programming to do so. You know when you finish a TV show on Netflix, and it shows you a list […]

How AI is Changing Your Future (Whether You Know it or Not) 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is an advancing technology that has been with us for a long time. But only recently has its power been revealed through the many recent inventions that have come forward in the public arena. The tech world is constantly changing and AI has gotten smarter, faster, and more efficient than ever […]

Top Ten FinTech Commandments

FinTech, short for financial technology, exemplifies the tech boom taking over the financial industry. But don’t think that means it’s one-dimensional. It’s made up of many specialities: insurance, payments, currencies, cybersecurity, and encryption, for example, often overlapping one another. So, what’s the best way to break into FinTech? Check out our top FinTech commandments below. […]