5 Best Spring Break Destinations for 2020

5 Best Spring Break Destinations for 2020

Spring break is an iconic time in college. There’s tons of hype surrounding it, towns famous for their spring breakers, and even movies centered around it. It’s a big deal, and the perfect time to relax and let loose during a busy semester. If you’re looking for the best spring break destinations to head to this year, look no further – we’ve broken them down below.

Cancun, Mexico

When you say “spring break,” Cancun is probably one of the first places that comes to mind. With its sandy beaches, busy nightlife, and affordable all-inclusive resorts, it’s got all the makings for a great spring break destination.

Miami Beach, Florida

If Cancun didn’t come to mind before, Miami Beach probably did! Like Cancun, you’ve got nice beaches, warm weather, and tons of nightlife options to stay entertained. And if you want to stay in the US, Miami Beach is an easy flight (or drive) away.

South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island stays most quiet during the rest of the year, but over spring break, thousands of college students gather here for nonstop parties and events. If you’re looking for affordable hotels and no shortage of parties, this Texas hotspot is right up your alley.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you’re closer to the West coast, consider Cabo San Lucas over the above spring break destinations for cheaper flights and less travel time. Settled on the Southern point of Baja California, Cabo offers picture-perfect beaches, inclusive resorts, and all the nightlife you can ask for for your spring break trip!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Nightlife isn’t what you’re looking for? Try Punta Cana. You get all the benefits of the beachy, tropical destinations above but with fewer crowds. There are lots of inclusive resorts to choose from, and you can spend your break lounging on the beach!

Panama City Beach, Florida

Some call Panama City Beach the spring break capital because of its ideal coastal location and affordable hotels. Like many of the best spring break destinations, there are a variety of nightlife options to choose from, and you can also spend your days fishing and watching dolphins!

Pack up, have fun, and stay safe! Happy spring break!