5 Free Online Learning Programs

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While a college education is undoubtedly valuable, it never hurts to expand on your education on your own time. With the internet, there are thousands of opportunities out there to learn new things and better yourself all on your own! If you’re looking for a new hobby, want to get certified in something for work, or just want to learn something new, take a look at these online learning programs you can do from home.


Coursera allows you to take courses and complete certifications or even degrees. With nearly 4,000 courses and specializations and over 20 degrees and certificates, they have pretty much anything you’d ever want to learn. It’s entirely online, and they partner with universities and companies to help you get the education you’re looking for. Whether you want to take an art class or get a certificate in computer science, they’ve got it all.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another well-known online learning site. It’s geared toward students, teachers, and parents to help students deepen their understanding of what they’re learning in the classroom. They cover topics from kindergarten math to calculus, as well as history, economics, science, and more. (Plus, subjects like personal finance and entrepreneurship!)


Skillshare is unique in that it’s entirely done through interactive videos. Most focus on walking you through step-by-step to complete a project. Once you join, you can complete classes in a variety of subjects, including drawing, entrepreneurship, game design, cooking, and so much more.


Udemy offers over 100,000 online learning programs conducted though videos. You can learn from top instructors and go at your own pace for whatever you want to learn. They have courses that cover hundreds of lifestyle, business, and creative topics – all starting as low as $10.44 per course!

iTunes U

Did you know iTunes offers free educational courses, too? You can learn from a variety of videos, books, and other documents. Just like these other learning programs, you can choose from hundreds of different topics – but the best part is, they all integrate with your other Apple products, so you can learn wherever you are! If you have some free time, with this, you can complete some of your courses instead of mindlessly scrolling Instagram (…at least for a few minutes!).