Best Business Colleges to Look Into in 2020

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Best Business Colleges in the US | Student FinTech

The field of business, business administration, and accounting used to be the most popular fields to go into. Now, it seems there are people with MBAs running around everywhere with no employment opportunities to be found. Even if they attended one of the best business colleges in the country, the job market is tough. This is because too many people majored in this field in the 60s and 70s until the supply outweighed the demand.

In the future, the need for straight business workers will decrease. However, there will always be a need for business managers, technicians, and financial experts.

The field of FinTech is multiplying. Many of the employment opportunities in the future will seek to merge skills from both the world of finance and technology.

If you have skills in these areas, you will want to focus on these areas while you are planning your college curriculum. Choose a school that is more practical and less theoretical. Now is the time to apply the skills you learned to be an innovator and a problem solver in the field of FinTech.

If you’re wondering which business college to look into to reach your goals, start with this short list of the best business colleges to look into today from US News.

Top Business Colleges in the US

Columbia University

Columbia University has a 14.5% acceptance rate and a current enrollment of 1,300 students. They have a wide variety of business programs, including an emphasis on accounting, business management, and productions management. They have an employability rating of 75%. In other words, around 75% of graduates are employed.

Northwest University

Northwest University in Kellogg University is a great school to consider if you’re interested in starting your own business. They have courses focused on Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, and Real Estate, to name a few. They offer a rate of $71,444 tuition rate for one year and they have an 80% employed rate following graduation.

University of California at Berkeley

One notable aspect of the University of California at Berkeley is that their out-of-state tuition isn’t much higher than their in-state tuition. Out of state is $61,442 compared to in-state of $60,987. Their business college focuses on Finance, Business Ownership, and online eCommerce.

Harvard University School of Business

The Harvard University School of Business is well known as one of the best business colleges. They only take about 10.4% of applicants. The reason it’s so competition is that they want only top quality in their school. They can’t afford to staff the classrooms with quality professors for students who drop out early or don’t finish their requirements. They prefer to get quality people who will stay in school for the long term and seek employment or further education after that. Their current full-time enrollment is just under 1,100 students. They focus on taking a research approach to Business training and tend to be traditional in their methods of instruction.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Who hasn’t heard of MIT? It’s the most prestigious and respected technical and research center in the US as far as technology training goes. They give students in-depth information about the changing technologies, how they are being used, and how to apply your skills. But it’s not cheap or easy to get into. Tuition runs about $75,000 per year, and over 86% of graduates are employed.

Other Schools

All of the above schools are on the pricey side, so you’ll need good college savings or a strong financial aid package to go there! If you don’t want to have such a hefty student debt to pay back, check out this list of affordable community colleges. Another option is to go to to do further research on scholarships.

Remember the most expensive school is not necessarily the best for you. All you need is a credible degree that teaches you the skills you’re going to need!

Remember also that focusing on FinTech (Financial Technology) is a better strategy than getting a straight business degree. Business alone is too theoretical. The future world will require smart, innovative people who can think outside the box, not people who can quote theories or understand the principles of economics.

Look through our other links and blog posts to learn more about FinTech and the many career opportunities that will surface shortly. Hang on. The future’s about to change.