6 Creative Weekend Activities to Try

weekend activities

Weekends are usually the time to relax and recharge (read: binge Netflix and catch up on sleep). This is great, but it can also be refreshing to switch things up every once in a while and do something new. This weekend, try one of these creative weekend activities to set the tone for a great week ahead!

1. Have a picnic

Picnics might seem boring, but make it fun with friends or a cute day date with your significant other! Get a nice spot at your local park or go for a hike and find somewhere scenic to sit and enjoy. Pack up your favorite snacks, make it fancy with some charcuterie, and bring a game for some laughs.

2. Have a dinner party

You don’t always need an occasion to have friends over or throw a party! Invite your friends or family over and have everyone bring their best dish. If you want, you can always make it fun with a theme. It can be anything you want! Enjoy good food and good company, and you’ll be in a great mood all weekend long.

3. Take a class

We know – you’re probably thinking you get enough of classes during the week. But it can be fun to take a class just for fun! Take a look at some classes around your area and get some friends together to go with you. It can be anything from a wine and paint to a building workshop at Home Depot. Find something you’re interested in and make a fun night out of it.

4. Go to the theater

No, not the movie theater. We’re talking about the actual theater (as in a play or musical). This is a great excuse to get dressed up and have a night on the town! Find a performance that looks interesting and make it a date night or group outing with friends.

5. Try a new activity

It’s easy to slip into the same weekend routines. This weekend, try to find something new that you haven’t done before. A great place to look is to search Groupon to find a fun but affordable activity. Many local businesses offer Groupons, so you can find anything from axe throwing to crafting!

6. Play tourist

It can be fun to play tourist in your own city! When you live somewhere, it’s easy to forget about all the attractions your city offers. Go around town for a fun weekend activity, check out the tourist sites, and get to know your city better!