7 of the Most Exciting New Careers to Look for in the Future

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 7 of the Most Exciting New Careers to Look for in the Future | Student FinTech

Dreaming about the future is fun. One reason is that we can’t see what it holds. It’s like a new mystery box that we can see (but not open) until we get the key. We already have the key in our hands. It is our abilities and talents and the market that drives the need for various career professionals. We scoured the web to find the best sources to discover what the most exciting new careers will be in the future and here’s what we found:

1. Information Technology

According to Money Crashers’ publication, IT will be the most in-demand job that is expected to grow by leaps and bounds shortly. Companies, banks, schools, and any building that uses technology will need systems engineers to help them update, run, and install programs and hardware that is cutting edge and efficient. The good news is that the average salary for a systems engineer is predicted to be around $87,100 per year.

2. Financial Services

CPAs, financial advisors, and retirement planners will all be in high demand as an aging population turns to the experts to decide what they should invest in, how to save, and improve their financial standing. It is predicted that the 10-year job growth for CPAs alone is expected to be around 18%. Financial advisement positions can expect to see a 41% growth pattern! Imagine the possibilities if you are a math whiz, and you like to help people work on their financial futures.

3. Educational Jobs

Even if a student has never considered a career as a teacher, it might be worth considering. The job demand for people both inside and outside the educational institutions will be on the rise. Professional researchers will be in high demand, as well as IT specialists who can install network computer systems and make sure the security systems are working properly. So if you want to be involved in the educational or informational system in any way, now’s the time to train for this.

4. Technical Assistants

Technology people are no longer just found in tech companies, schools, and banking institutions. You’ll find them in the medical profession as well. They are needed in hospitals to keep the equipment running properly and to take MRIs and CT scans of patients to give to doctors to read. Many of these jobs do not require a four-year degree, just a certification requirement. It’s a good opportunity, and you can check out programs that offer radiology degrees and certificates for more information or visit the AAMA site.

5. Business Service Jobs

It’s important to think differently about career options. One way students can train for a great career is to look at the needs of the future. There will be an increased need for business services such as safety specialists, media specialists, or advisors to fill positions in the future. Students that go into this job could work with business owners and CEOs to improve the status of their business environment or help them look for potential problems in their infrastructure.

6. Software and AI Developers

AI is here, and more businesses and institutions will be using it soon. Automation specialists, robotics experts, and machine learning experts will all be needed to develop programs and systems to handle this demand. Students need coding and robotics programs to train for this career.

7. Sales and Finance

The FinTech industry has exploded. In the future, salespeople will still be needed, but it will be coupled with a high need for tech experience and expertise, as well. Prepare for these jobs by combining sales coursework and experience with financial training courses.

The future looks bright if you choose wisely. Look into one of these exciting new careers of the future today and make a plan for success using your own ideas. You can do anything you want if you have the motivation and desire to do so!