We are a team of moms, dads, entrepreneurs, investors, friends, advisers, and acquaintances that share a common goal: “Provide value to our users”.

The team at StudentFinTech provides access to interesting content and relevant partner recommendations that have been vetted through our due diligence process.

Our due diligence process was created to ensure our users can trust our recommendations.

We do not partner with all companies.  Through a selective approach, our team identifies partners that make sense for us to align with and showcase to you.


What We Do

Topics of content range throughout the life-cycle of users traveling from high school to becoming entrepreneurs or heading to college, and the journey after.

Our writers provide personal, real-life experiences, along with topics that might have not been accessible to us during our version of the journey you are on.

As a result, we aim to bring these topics to you for education & entertainment, as you plan throughout your journey!

If you are trying to figure out:

  • what your major should be
  • what school to attend
  • which professors to select
  • what scholarships to apply for
  • student loan options

…. all the way through selecting your:

  • internship
  • finding your first career placement
  • competitive loan rates (auto, credit card, etc.)
  • whether or not to buy a home
  • insurance selections

… we love to think of StudentFinTech.com as your ‘go-to’ source!