When the team at StudentFinTech was starting out, the future of technology looked a lot different than it does today. Choices were limited when it came to selecting a college, starting a business, or choosing a career path. The financial technology boom is changing that – and that’s why we decided it’s time to get smarter when it comes to your education.

Who We Are

We are a team of moms, dads, entrepreneurs, investors, friends, and advisors that share a common goal: provide value to our users.

The team at StudentFinTech provides access to interesting content and relevant partner recommendations that have been vetted through our extensive due diligence process, created to ensure our users can trust our recommendations.

We do not partner with all companies. Through a selective approach, our team identifies partners that make sense for us to align with and showcase to you, so you have resources you can trust.

What We Do

Because we’ve been there and done that, we write content that follows the life cycle from high school on. So, whether you’re preparing for college, becoming an entrepreneur, or looking for your first job after graduation, we’ve got you covered with all the tips, tricks, and information to get you through.

Our writers provide personal, real life experiences, along with topics that might have not been accessible to us during our version of the journey you are on.

As a result, we aim to bring these topics to you for education and entertainment, as you plan throughout your journey!

If you are trying to figure out:

  • what your major should be
  • what school to attend
  • what courses to take
  • which professors to select
  • what scholarships to apply for
  • what your financial aid and student loan options are

…all the way through:

  • searching for an internship
  • finding your first career placement
  • deciding where to invest your money
  • comparing competitive loan rates (auto, credit card, etc.)
  • whether or not to buy a home
  • insurance selections

…we love to think of StudentFinTech.com as your go-to source!