What is Artificial Intelligence?

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What is Artificial Intelligence? | Student FinTech

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is here to stay and it is only expected to grow in the near future. We already use AI for a number of things including to help computers emulate human interaction and speech and perform human tasks. 

No doubt AI will be the focus of many educational institutions in the near future when robots and machines will become a valued tool in the educational environment. 

Artificial intelligence, as the name implies, is a kind of intelligence that is not true human intelligence but it is convincing in some contexts. Artificial intelligence (more commonly called AI), is the ability of machines to learn for themselves.

It also involves machine learning but incorporates this learning capability into the more intricate systems of artificial intelligence. It includes an element of automation as well and is often used by big businesses online to be able to operate systems even when they are not present. For example, you may have been shopping on a website when an automated assistant comes up to help you.

It is there to answer questions in response to questions you may have as a shopper. Keywords and various other things are weaved into the algorithm so that it can respond to you in a human-like fashion. It is not meant to replace the human assistant but to be a sort of placeholder on the site until you can get help from an actual human. 

Many businesses rely on this system so that you do not always have to be present when someone makes a purchase. With millions of people online at one time, this task would be impossible without automatic payment systems.

The danger is in using them too much or relying on AI to make hiring decisions as is sometimes done indirectly when bots are used on HR human resources sites.

Businesses should be careful not to overuse it so that people, not machines are making the final decisions. That being said, AI holds a lot of promise for the future, and it makes our lives easier and may move human beings to a higher plane where people make only the most intellectual and important decisions and the more manual tasks are left to the robots. 

Some worry that robots might take their jobs in the distant future. The truth is that some have already taken jobs, but there have also been increases in the number of positions that are still needed to be done by humans. 

The key to being “AI-proof” is to either study areas that are needed regarding AI technology or being creative enough in your field of industry that you can think outside the box. You can show an employer how they can use your skills in another way if they start using robotics in your workplace. 

Are you a problem solver? Solving problems is what the world needs more than anything else where there is in the technology field financial fail or either. If you are someone who has the talent to solve problems that will likely come up in this robust computer age, you should never have to worry about a job.

Be an independent thinker and look for the opportunities and even consider starting your own business. You can pave your way, and you don’t necessarily need technology to do everything.