Best FinTech Apps in 2020 That Deserve Your Attention

Best FinTech Apps in 2019 That Deserve Your Attention | Student FinTech

It’s obvious that mobile devices have already penetrated every sphere of our lives, and finances are no exception. FinTech apps offer excellent benefits, like high-security level, easy access, and free cards that make our life a lot easier. 

The Best FinTech Apps in 2020:


This is almost a cross between Twitter and stock app Robinhood. On one end, you can connect with friends, and on the other, you can manage your investments. It also allows free trading of stocks and ETFs. With this app, you can get all the information to make a trade, research companies, view their stock price history, and enter trades.


It’s basically a rental management solution that takes care of the interaction between tenants and landlords. The app gives you the ability to:

  • pay rent online
  • track expenses
  • screen potential tenants
  • manage the property
  • store tenant data
  • and more all in one place


This is a personal finance management app that rose to popularity right after launching. The app helps users to keep track of their balance to overdrafts, find subscriptions they might be wasting their money on, and helps them gain control over their personal finances. Emma also allows users to connect to their bank accounts and track expenses. Emma uses several state-of-the-art security measures to ensure full data protection as founders paid great attention to the security. The app helps to keep track of banking accounts, thus eliminating the need for official banking apps.

Finch App

This is an Australian FinTech startup. The app was designed and targeted for Millennials who use mobile for everything. Called “a financial app for social life,” it offers features that give users the ability to pay and request money from friends, keep track of and split group bills, and manage expenses. It merges your social life and financial wellbeing for one very powerful app.


The app is the perfect solution for freelancers. With Inly, you can:

  • send invoices
  • get paid via electronic checks or credit cards
  • and even make custom contracts for clients and track analytics for your business

Other FinTech apps that deserve attention include Honeyfi, Payroller, Bundil, Robinhood Crypto, and Root.