Best Ways to Save for College While You’re Still in School

Save Money

If you’re already in school, you may think it’s too late to save money for college. The truth is, there are plenty of easy ways to save money and reduce college costs every day! Check out these ways to save for college – even if you’re already a student.

1. Rent or buy used textbooks

Textbooks are often more expensive than you might expect. Save money by renting or buying a used version of the textbook. See where to find cheap college textbooks here.

2. Avoid eating out

This can be the number one budget killer for most students. It’s tempting to buy a bite to eat when you’re out, but doing this too often can really add up. Plan ahead, and pack snacks with you for when a craving hits.

3. Take advantage of student discounts

Many stores and restaurants give student discounts, especially in big college towns! It never hurts to ask. A few dollars saved here and there makes a difference!

4. Don’t stop looking for financial aid

Always file the FAFSA and apply for scholarships on time. If you have existing scholarships, make sure to stay on top of any academic requirements you need to maintain. Financial aid – especially free forms like grants and scholarships – make all the difference when it comes to paying for college. You can apply for scholarships year round, so don’t stop just because you’re in school!

5. Look for free entertainment

Going out all the time is expensive. Instead, look for free entertainment on campus or in your city. Most colleges offer fun things to do that are completely free for students, and there are usually a few free events happening around town. Look around to see what you can find!

6. Go to the gym on campus

Practically all colleges have gyms on campus. They’re usually open all the time and are a lot nicer than you might expect! Cut your gym membership and save money by going on campus.

7. Shop smart

Avoid impulse buys. Always compare prices between generic and name brand items before adding it to your cart. Look for coupons to save on products and at stores.

8. Start paying student loans down while you’re in school

If you have student loans, try to set aside some money each month to start paying them down before you enter repayment. Even if it’s only $10 a month, it helps to reduce the overall balance you’ll have to pay after graduation and can help you save on interest.

9. Look into testing out of classes

Some colleges will allow you to test out of certain classes. If you can, go for it! College classes can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per credit hour, so testing out of any classes you can is a huge savings for you.

Saving money for college doesn’t have to be hard. Adopt these everyday ways to save, and put all the money you have left over toward tuition!