Building Your Future One Step at a Time

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Building Your Future One Step at a Time | Student FinTech

Going to college is a big step toward building the future that you want. One tool to help you along the way is something called visualization. Visualization is a technique that psychologists use with their patients when they want them to imagine how they want things to be. It might be an image of a beautiful lake, a picturesque scene, or time with friends. Whatever the case, you can do this as a new college student as well.

Take the time to visualize in your mind how you see yourself after college. While no one knows what the future holds, people who visualize their future tend to come closer to reaching their goals.

With this in mind, take some time to write down at least three goals that you have for your future, then plan a method to get there. Write down every step, even if you have to change it later on.

Planning to succeed is as simple as making a list of things that you must do to reach your mark.

Here’s a quick example:

Goal: Become an IT Advisor for a bank by the year 2023.

Notice, I put a timeline on it. This is very important also. You need to know when you will complete your goal. Now, here are the possible steps someone could take to reach this objective.

  1. Enroll in a college that focuses on financial technology (FinTech) courses.
  2. Complete the requirements to complete your degree or certification.
  3. Find a way to stand out by furthering your education or taking a part-time job in your chosen field of interest.
  4. Network with people who are already working in the area and follow people on Twitter who are FinTech experts.
  5. Work on your resume and start a LinkedIn page to promote yourself.
  6. Apply for and land interviews in your chosen field.
  7. Be the best.

If you keep these steps in mind and never derail from your goal, you will build your future one step at a time and you’ll likely make it! It’s the ones who don’t give up who always win!