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Cappex is a site that allows you to do a search using a gigantic database of all of the 3000+ colleges that they have information on. You can also look for scholarships on this site and calculate your chances of getting into any college based on a finely-tuned AI engine that the site uses to analyze data. 

You can use the “Fit Score” tool on their site also to explore options that will match you up with the characteristics that you find most important as based on a self-inventory test you can take at the beginning. If you have never taken an aptitude or career-based assessment such as the “Explore” evaluation, you could visit the “Careers and Majors” part of this site to discover potential careers that you are likely to excel in. With so many tools at your disposal, Cappex can help you find what you are looking for and get some solid ideas on what direction you should go in your career and educational goals. 

Cappex.com is a great resource for students who are searching for information on colleges either inside or outside your immediate area. They offer a statistical tool that allows you to estimate your chances of getting into any college, as well as a “fit score” that lets you see what kind of college is the best fit for your interests and goals. You can also explore various careers that align with your interests and find out which ones match your personality and interests. You can start with a search for colleges and then perform a search for majors, geographical areas, and even do a search by state to find the schools closest to your area. 

This is a great resource for anyone who is unsure about their major or who wants to know what their options are for attending school. You should use this tool long before you plan to apply at a college or trade school so that you’ll have plenty of time to decide which path is best for you.

Deciding which career track, college, an area to focus on is a big decision. Get sound advice from counselors and others, but in the end, you need to trust in your ability to decide what is best for you. Think about what you love doing, what you believe in, and how you want to use your skills to make things better for other people. When you think like that, you will be a real winner, no matter which field you decide to go into.