5 Fantastic Tech Careers

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5 Fantastic Careers for Techies | Student FinTech

Are you a tech junkie? If you love, live, and sleep technology, there are some exciting tech careers that you may want to look into. Whether you are a parent planning to send your young person into the world of academia, or a young person about to graduate from high school within the next year or so, you may want to look into these five careers.

Some of these fantastic careers for techies focus on creativity as well as technology, so if you are extra creative, it might be a great opportunity.

1. UX Designer

A UX (user experience) designer is someone who is in charge of designing websites, mobile apps, and other applications to create a positive user experience. From the choice of colors to the layout and unique features, UX designers help shape the entire customer experience for users that keeps them coming back. For the creative techie who enjoys helping create an exceptional customer journey, this could be a great option.

2. Web Developer/Animator

With so many minimalist sites that employ the use of animation, this title will be emerging more and more soon. Web development will continue to be a strong need as more young business owners, musicians, and organizations launch their product or services to the world. You will want to be skilled animation, too since this will be used in a variety of contexts. You should learn CSS (cascading style sheets) and Javascript and be able to use any tools needed to do the job.

3. Digital Content Marketer

There will be an increasing need for digital content across all platforms as the world become more digitally focused and tech careers continue to expand. AI has helped increase this momentum as well as the focus on social media and SEO.

4. Digital Product Creator

Digital products are going to continue to increase in value, and we move further away from the physical media product world. You might be asked to create anything from chatbots for a company’s website to avatars or music files.

5. Mobile Designer

Mobile designers work in a variety of contexts including app companies, startups, or as a freelance developer. The pay can be high if you specialize and you need to know mobile UX skills and a programming language to get started.