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Careers in Financial Technology | Student FinTech

Financial technology is a growing field and it only promises to continue to grow larger in the future. Why is this? Because so many people depend on the merging of Finance and Technology to help them do so many things. This is true of both the business world (every industry) and the academic and educational environments.

If you should choose to look into careers in the Financial Technology field, here are a few types of jobs you may want to pursue once you complete your training in this potentially lucrative field.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst has the job of making sure a company is doing well with the income and outgo of money and revenue that they earn in the course of their daily business transactions. Similar to an Accountant, they deal with figures that a company needs to reconcile so that they are making a profit without having a lot of returns or defects in the order process. Someone who understands the technology that is used with online platforms, as well as basic accounting principles, is needed to do this job efficiently.

Business Analyst/Product Owner

This position would deal with business owners or product owners who need an analysis of how well their product is likely to do in the market. Studying the trends of similar products, as well as watching online metrics are both important tasks that an expert in financial technology could do well.

Software Engineer

If you are tech-savvy and know how to code, you may even want to look into learning to code your own software programs or programs that another company hires you to create. Many business owners know what they need a program to do, but they don’t know how to get the program to work properly. Someone high in tech skills plus financial expertise would be ideal.

Collections and Billing Expert

Most online payment systems allow for collections online nowadays. Many companies hire collections and billing experts that have a mix of finance and tech skills.

HR Recruitment Officer

In this position, you might help a company hire new potential candidates for jobs or even program the software they use to screen their job recruits. A high ability on software development would be needed for this type of position.

Start Your Own FinTech

There will be a growing need for entrepreneurs who can create and maintain their own business in the field of technology. If you feel somewhat daring and think you have what it takes to do it, look into starting your own business instead and plot your own course through life.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for careers in financial technology, both now and in the future. Majoring in FinTech can help you prepare for some of the most important jobs that have ever existed. Check into masters level programs in FinTech to really give yourself a leg up on the future competition.