College Resources You Need to Know About

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College Resources You Need to Know About | Student FinTech

You probably know where the library and financial aid office is on your college campus. But there are a lot more campus resources available to students than just those. There’s a lot of help for college students out there, and you can find most of them within walking distance! Check out this list of college resources to use around your campus.

Career Center

Career centers are one of the most helpful resources available to students! You can go there for anything from help with creating a resume or cover letter, doing practice interviews, finding internships, and even preparing for a job after graduation. Sure, you go to college to learn – but also to prepare for a career after, so take advantage of this service while you’re a student!


Going to college brings a lot of change, and new situations can be difficult. If you’re going through a challenging time – whether it’s with a class or an issue in a relationship – many colleges offer counseling services for free to students. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, consider making an appointment at your school’s counseling office to talk it through and find a solution.

Academic Advisor

You probably already know that you’re assigned an academic advisor when you start college. But are you using them effectively? Your advisor is there to help you create a roadmap for your time in college. They can help you choose classes and make the most of your time in college. While you can do this yourself, they have insider tips that can save you time and money.

Health Center

If you’re feeling under the weather or have a health concern, most colleges have a health center on campus for students to visit. Doctors and nurses are there to keep you healthy, usually for free or at a lower rate than going off campus.

Writing Center

Every student will have to take a course where they’ll have to do some writing at some point. If writing isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. Writing centers exist to provide help to students with essays and writing projects. Becoming a better writer will be a valuable skill in the job market, too, so take advantage of this college resource!