Scholarships for college students are a form of free financial aid that doesn’t have to be repaid. This type of aid was created to help students accomplish their dreams of going to college without the worry about how to pay for it.


Scholarships for college can come from a variety of sources. These include the federal or state government, private national or local businesses and organizations, and even your school. There are thousands of scholarships out there – you just have to do some searching!


Many incoming and current college students are shocked to find all the different types of scholarships for college out there. There are scholarships for anything under the sun. They go beyond just your major or academic talent – you can find scholarships for unusual hobbies, the color of your hair, quirky hobbies, and more!

While not all scholarships cover the total cost of attendance, they are also a great resource to help cut down on college expenses. In addition to tuition, scholarship money can be used for things such as:

  • Room and board
  • College textbooks
  • Education and living expenses (such as a laptop, transportation, and more)

Acceptable uses for scholarship money can vary between scholarship providers, so if you’re not sure what you can use the funds for, make sure to ask before spending. In general, however, many scholarship providers seek to help make paying for college as easy as possible, and allow you to use the funds for anything college-related.

We outline the different types of scholarships, the best scholarship sites, and help you find the best scholarships for you below! Check out our resources on scholarships for college students here.

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College Scholarships That Students Can Apply for Today

Who doesn’t like free money? We’ve gathered a list of some of the best scholarship opportunities for college students below. When to Apply for Scholarships There’s never a bad time to start applying for college scholarships. If this is a question you’re asking yourself, the answer is right now! The earlier you start applying, the

5 Best Scholarship Sites | Student FinTech

5 Best Scholarship Sites

Paying for college is one of the many challenges that comes with the journey to earn a degree – but if you’re on the hunt for college scholarships, you’re off to a great start! For many students, scholarships help fill the gap between what financial aid covers and what you’re left to pay. Keep reading

Scholarships for High School Students | Student FinTech

Scholarships for High School Students

There are many ways to be able to afford a college education. If you are in high school but will be taking the ACT and other college entrance exams over the next two years, you want to think about how you will fund your college education. College scholarships for high school students are one way

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How to Find Free Scholarships

You don’t need to go through government or political channels to find free scholarships. You need to know what the resources are to start your search to see what is available. Consider the areas you want to target in terms of the fields you want to look into first. Then assess your test scores and

Do I Qualify for a Scholarship? | Student FinTech

Do I Qualify for a Scholarship?

Scholarships are a great way to cut down college costs! If you have shown a unique ability in a specific subject, excelled in athletics, art, or other disciplines, and proven that you have talent in an important area, you may qualify for a scholarship. Most scholarships award anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and

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What is Upromise?

Everyone wants more money for college. Whether you’re about to graduate high school, are in college, or a thinking about returning to school, finding money for college is stressful. That’s where Upromise comes in. In short, Upromise is a tool that helps families save money for college. They’ll help you create a savings plan, set

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Everyone knows how expensive college can be. As a student, you’ve likely applied for financial aid, but when you don’t get the aid you need to pay for college, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Scholarships.com makes it easy to not only find scholarships for college, but brings the scholarships to you by

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ScholarshipOwl is a great portal site that allows you to search for thousands of scholarships that might be available to you in one place.  Using advanced AI, this site is the perfect source for anyone searching for scholarships to attend college. You will see the search tool upon entering the site and you will then put

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Student Scholarships

If you have performed above average in a particular subject area or sport in high school, you may qualify for a student scholarship upon entering college. You need to plan for obtaining a scholarship far in advance of when you enroll in the school of your choice. That way, you will have a better chance