Creativity: The Key to Survival in a Robotic World

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Creativity: The Key to Survival in a Robotic World | Student FinTech

As mentioned in a previous post, creativity is the key to surviving in a robotic world. If you follow the definition of creativity from California State University, you might think that robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines can be creative. But a definition is only as good as its exception.

While creativity is defined as “the tendency to recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities,” you might think AI can be creative. But are they really, or does it just seem that way?

What is creativity?

Creativity is not something that is life-sustaining. It is not required for survival or basic needs. There is no requirement for life that is achieved by being creative. Humans are motivated to be creative because they have what most believe is a God-given desire to express themselves. This motivation comes from within and cannot be programmed in any real way.

Instead, AI bots are programmed to “simulate” creativity. They only understand computer languages and algorithms, so they are still based on a binary system, no matter how much people want them to seem real.

Creative Technology

That being said, that doesn’t mean combining the two is impossible. It is interesting to see how technology is actually promoting creativity – take mobile apps, for instance, that allow you to create music within a few minutes by simply choosing a few notes. These FinTech apps and creative apps can often create an entire composition in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

If you are interested in the FinTech or the technology world, you’re not alone. There is no doubt that the world continues to change and evolve, and these industries need creative people to keep innovating. You can be a part of this interesting career by majoring in FinTech. Check out the course offerings at schools such as MIT, Stanford University, or Georgetown University. Visit this short Harvard online FinTech course and test to see if it might be a career for you!