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Credible: Student Loan Options | Student FinTech

Credible is a site that helps you do your own research to determine which type of loan is viable and credible. It is important to be able to trust the lending institution that you are doing business with so that you know you are dealing with a fair and honest company, and that’s what Credible was founded on.

Credible not only allows you to check reliability but also for home loans and many other types of financial funding, such as student loans. You can check interest rates as well and compare many companies side-by-side. 

It pays to do your own research when it comes to finding credible student loans. You don’t want to take on more than you can handle when it comes to acquiring debt for college. But many people would not be able to obtain a college degree without financial help. 

The financial tech world is growing and there will be better ways of determining which loans are credible in the near future including the use of AI, machine learning, and more. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was honest? Of course, we know in the real world this is not the case. But helps you get closer to that by offering a free search engine that helps you search for the best rates by comparing various financial institutions side-by-side.. 

You can check the interest rates of student loans and see what you might prequalify for as well as student loan refinancing.

If you have a previous loan you’re already paying; you can look into personal loans to see what you might be eligible for. The best part is it is an online marketplace that allows you to get competitive personalized loan offers from multiple vendors at the same time. 

Since they are competing with each other to get clients, they are more likely to offer you better rates. You just fill out a straightforward form, and you’ll get your personalized rates right away. Then you can make your own choice on the options you want.

They have refinancing student loans available as well as private student loans, personal loans, and even credit cards.

You can compare from many of their partner lenders right on their website up to 8 to 10 at a time. This is an excellent resource to make sure that you get a fair and honest deal and they have a 9.6 confidence rating from Trustpilot.

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