Discover Card Student Loans

Discover Card Student Loans | Student FinTech

Discover is a site that focuses on helping prospective students who want to take out a loan for educational purposes. They offer many different kinds of loans, including:

  • Undergraduate Student Loans
  • Graduate Student Loans
  • MBA loans
  • Health professions loans
  • Law
  • Residency
  • Bar exam loans
  • Consolidated loans

As you can see, Discover offers quite a lengthy list of loan types for students to apply for. Whatever your career aspirations, you will find a loan option for you on this site. There is no fee required to apply for an educational loan with Discover, and you can even get personalized help from a loan assistant.

Discover student loans are a great resource to help pay for college. They have variable rates from 4.49%-13.49% and fixed rates from 5.99%-13.99%. They have some of the same types of loan offerings that the other major loan institutions have, such as:

  • undergraduate loans
  • graduate loans
  • career-specific loans (such as MBA loans)
  • consolidation student loans

If you have exhausted federal resources, or didn’t qualify for other forms of aid, Discover makes it easy to get the funding you need. Plus, you will be dealing directly with Discover, rather than the federal government or private loans funded by various organizations.

Student Loan Benefits

Another plus to using Discover to help cover educational expenses is the fact that you can get rewards for excellent grades (3.0 GPA or greater) and lots of other opportunities to save and get cashback on their plans. Having a Discover student loan also helps you build up your credit rating so that you can have even more opportunities for borrowing in the future.

Whether you’ve exhausted federal loan options, or are shopping around to find the best private student loan lender for you, the benefits of Discover student loans are hard to beat.

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