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Earnest.com helps you to learn how you can refinance your student loan that you have taken out in the past. Perhaps you are having problems paying it back due to a job layoff or change in your salary. You may have started out being able to afford it but something else comes up such as medical expenses or other. 

They offer student loan refinancing that will fit your budget and you can find out what your rate is in less than 2 minutes. Getting a better interest rate means you pay back less per month and it can also mean lower interest over the course of a loan. 

Earnest.com has some options for students or former students who need to borrow money to go to school or to refinance a previous loan. The student loan refinancing option is designed to help pay down the federal or private loans you borrowed as a student by consolidating your existing debt to a lower rate. This site offers the ability to consolidate as many of your financial obligations as you want, and you can choose between a fixed or variable rate. 

The only stipulation for the refinancing option is that you must have graduated and you must have a current job. Alternatively, you can be within six months of graduating from college with some definite career prospects, and you may still be considered for a consolidation loan.

  • You can refinance a minimum of $5,000 of eligible loans up to $500,000.
  • Earnest Loans also offers personal loans in the amounts of $5,000 and $75,000.

You can get these loans for 3, 4, or 5-year terms. Unlike college or student loans, you can get personal loans for some different reasons such as vacations or honeymoons, engagements and weddings, home improvement, and many other options. Just check the eligibility requirements on their website and see what they offer that you may qualify for.