Elon Musk: Words from the Master on FinTech and AI

Elon Musk: Words from the Master about FinTech and AI | Student FinTech

Elon Musk could be called a modern-day doctor Frankenstein because of his involvement in creating some of the modern artificial intelligence technologies we have today.

He’s also responsible for creating and maintaining the new Tesla electric automobiles that are still being developed. He cited in a recent interview that AI creators are dangerous because they are not as smart as they think and they are, and they are dealing with technologies that seemingly have no limits on what they’re capable of.

He explained in a recent interview that AI can expand exponentially and its self-driving vehicles are safe, but they threatened to take over human jobs as well as the ability to maintain our control over the world.

Musk’s biggest concern is that AI can become a severe danger to the public and he warned people in several interviews and books that we should never let go of our humanity or allow machines to take over our lives.

He reminded people that artificial superintelligence threatens to undermine the importance of humanity and the fact that computers can never really take the place of humans. Machines are capable of doing so many things that are highly intelligent but without the moral compass to guide them in the right direction.

Digital super intelligence is his greatest fear because he says it poses an existential-level rest to humanity. Part of this is because it would be used in areas that control our lives like law enforcement, medical delivery, and many other fields. If we ever allow AI to control too many operations, it would exert an existential threat to our survival.

Elon Musk summed up his talk on FinTech and AI by making the point that we must always maximize the freedom of the individual and not to give over all of our thinking processes to machines.

If you are interested in becoming a programmer or artificial intelligence expert, you may want to attend MIT or one of the other prestigious schools that focuses on AI.

Some schools also give you robotics training that would allow you to work in this exciting field. We need responsible people of integrity and young people who want to work with the technology that is willing to take the moral responsibility to make sure the control remains with us.

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The future is ours.

The responsibility is great. Those of high character who are skilled in the tech industry can take us to Mars and back, perhaps even literally.