Extension Review: Get My Receipts

Extension Review: Get My Receipts | Student FinTech

Let’s face it: tracking purchases is a total pain. With more and more of our daily purchases being made online, it can get a bit difficult trying to manage what you spent so you can either get reimbursed, keep your budget on track, or even take deductions on your taxes. Most of the time the emailed receipts end up in the Land of Lost Things, also known as your email inbox.

Recently, we ran across a Google Chrome extension from CloudHQ, called Get My Receipts, that solves this problem. This will find your emails that contain receipts, and then add them into a Google spreadsheet for you.

To get started, visit the Chrome Store and install the Get My Receipts extension. Next, go to Gmail, find their email, and let the extension do its thing.

When it’s done, the extension will organize your information with the following columns.

  • Date
  • Payment
  • Taxes
  • Merchant
  • Subject line
  • Email text
  • Email PDF of each receipt

Now you have your receipts organized and off of your To-Do List, you can spend your time doing other things that are way more fun. 

This extension will pull up to 50 receipts from your email for free. To get all them (past 50), they charge $34.99, which will give you full search. Depending on how many receipts you have, you may not even need to consider the paid version at all.

The Get My Receipts extension has been one of the many awesome extensions that CloudHQ has put out, which makes dealing with email beyond easy. If you’re interested in some of their other cool extensions for Google Chrome, stop by their free tools page and take a look around.