Favorite FinTech

Future of FinTech

This field is helping a lot of today’s college students find their way around an otherwise confusing environment in education. Whether you are attending an online school or a brick-and-mortar traditional school, you can benefit from the help student financial tech offers.

One way it helps is to allow you to use educational apps and financial apps to make life simpler. Rather than running around to the banks, you can transfer money to friends using the Venmo app, for example, which lets you transfer money instantly to friends. Maybe you owe them for a dinner when you didn’t have the money. This app makes it easier to pay them back without writing checks or finding an ATM in the middle of the night.

Mint.com is one of our favorite financial tech apps because it offers a streamlined solution to your college finances. You can keep all of your transactions in one place and keep an eye on how you are spending (and saving) your money. Keeping a budget is important and Mint.com helps you do that.

FinTech is also a growing field that you may want to major in. If you are one of these tech wizards who is always helping someone else with their iPhones or computers, you may be just what the FinTech industry is looking for. They need people who are tech-savvy, who love to work with new media and technologies, and who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Financial technology is one of the most important career areas today. This is partly because there is a heightened level of awareness of new tech and AI. This takes a special type of person to deal with the problems of design and maintenance that the new tech finance jobs bring. But remember that going into the technology or finance field is not all about being an expert iPad user. You need to know some coding, learn how to set up networks, or focus on robotics to qualify for most of the relevant jobs today.

Another major reason that the FinTech industry is growing is due to the merging of the banking and technology industries. Banking jobs are evolving as they branch out into various alternate forms of transactions including blockchain technology and integration within artificial intelligence systems and automated payment platforms. Traditional bankers are finding that their primary area of expertise is not enough to set up modern banking systems. Most banks do not have the capability to set up automated payment systems, much less blockchain technologies.

This has made the banking industry have to look elsewhere for the technical expertise they need to make things work the way they are supposed to.

For students interested in both finance and technology, this is an open industry that is going to need thousands of people shortly to fill the jobs of technical advisor for banking and financial institutions. Many students graduating with this degree or specialty area could also seek employment from online website owners in need of a financial expert to handle the payments aspect of their site.

There’s no doubt that the financial and technological world has merged and there will be many new opportunities for careers surrounding these fields in the very near future as the world uses more AI and technology that only a tech expert can do.