As technology advances, the number of companies entering the market grows larger every day, and the number of FinTech jobs out there increases rapidly.

It may seem like these types of jobs only exist in the finance and technology space, but that’s not quite true – FinTech careers encompass anything from financial analysts to social media managers to HR recruiters! While some of these may not seem like a FinTech job, there are core skills in each role. So, if you think FinTech isn’t right for you, don’t rule it out just yet.

The career potential for a job in FinTech continues to grow as technology advances, and for students in college or recent graduates, now is a great time to think about pursuing one of these careers. You don’t have to be a finance whiz or tech junkie to break into one of these industries. Planning for a career in FinTech is an incredible way to give you a leg up over the competition, even if you don’t think you’re interested in a career in finance or technology.

The future for a FinTech career is bright! If you think you might be interested in a career in FinTech, don’t miss these tips! Check out our articles below to learn more about what FinTech careers exist in 2020 and beyond, how to break into this growing industry, what steps to take to get started, and what job in FinTech is right for you.

What is a FinTech Company? | Student FinTech

What is a FinTech Company?

We’ve talked a lot about FinTech around here. (It’s in our name, after all!) As you probably know, FinTech is a term used to describe the cross between finance and technology. It’s a revolution that’s taken over everything from how banks work to mobile apps, and it only continues to evolve. But if you’re wondering

Tips to Better Position Yourself for a Career in FinTech | Student FinTech

Tips to Better Position Yourself for a Career in FinTech

Financial technology (FinTech) is more than just a buzzword. As the name suggests, FinTech requires both an aptitude for technology, as well as an understanding of finance and markets, and the exponential growth in the industry isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Follow these tried-and-tested tips to better position yourself for a career

Top FinTech Jobs and Careers for the Future | Student FinTech

Top FinTech Jobs and Careers for the Future

If you’re pursuing a finance career, you’ll probably know a thing or two about FinTech (financial technology). As the name suggests, FinTech essentially combines the finance and technology industries to create innovative financial services for consumers and businesses. FinTech encompasses many focuses, including asset management, personal finance, insurance, and more. Firms use FinTech technology to manage

Top FinTech Jobs and Careers for the Future | Student FinTech

FinTech Jobs for the Future

FinTech is one of the hottest growing trends right now. That’s why you’re on this site, right? Financial technology has increased the past few years due to the increasing demand for a combination of financial and technological innovations. Think of it this way: the banking industry is great at banking, but they don’t necessarily have

5 Fantastic Careers for Techies | Student FinTech

5 Fantastic Tech Careers

Are you a tech junkie? If you love, live, and sleep technology, there are some exciting tech careers that you may want to look into. Whether you are a parent planning to send your young person into the world of academia, or a young person about to graduate from high school within the next year

 7 of the Most Exciting New Careers to Look for in the Future | Student FinTech

 7 of the Most Exciting New Careers to Look for in the Future

Dreaming about the future is fun. One reason is that we can’t see what it holds. It’s like a new mystery box that we can see (but not open) until we get the key. We already have the key in our hands. It is our abilities and talents and the market that drives the need

Careers in Financial Technology | Student FinTech

Careers in Financial Technology

Financial technology is a growing field and it only promises to continue to grow larger in the future. Why is this? Because so many people depend on the merging of Finance and Technology to help them do so many things. This is true of both the business world (every industry) and the academic and educational

Jobs: FinTech After Graduation? | Student FinTech

How FinTech Can Help You Get a Job After Graduation

Financial technology is a broad field. It includes so many different aspects of both finance and technology that it’s hard to talk about everything it reaches in one post. But many students wonder how FinTech can help them get a good job after graduation. Below are a few ways it can do just that! 1. FinTech