It’s a common question in 2020. FinTech, also known as financial technology, is just as it sounds. It is the merger of two industries that seek to innovate traditional financial and technological services, and it’s taking the financial world by storm. While the idea of FinTech originally emerged to modernize technology behind the scenes of established banking and financial companies, it has shifted over the last few years. Now, FinTech has turned into a revolutionary element in our daily lives. Everything from your bank’s website and mobile app, to money transfer services like Venmo, to crowdfunding platforms, and more have largely come around in response to the FinTech revolution.

Now more than ever before, FinTech has made it possible to bank, budget and manage your flow of money, pay for everyday purchases, and make important decisions on things like student loans and insurance all from a few taps on your phone.

But FinTech doesn’t only help consumers. It has also brought about a number of services and applications designed to provide solutions to business owners. Digital crowdfunding platforms have made it easier than ever to raise money to pay for startup costs. Mobile payment apps, like Square and Apple Pay, have opened up sales to potential customers, and have made purchases as easy as a touch of a button.

The benefits of FinTech seem endless, but it also raises questions on how this trend will impact the future of technology, and what it means for us.

Learn more about how it’s changing the financial sector in our everyday lives, how to break into this booming industry, and what you should be aware of here.

Top FinTech Jobs and Careers for the Future | Student FinTech

Top FinTech Jobs and Careers for the Future

If you’re pursuing a finance career, you’ll probably know a thing or two about FinTech (financial technology). As the name suggests, FinTech essentially combines the finance and technology industries to create innovative financial services for consumers and businesses. FinTech encompasses many focuses, including asset management, personal finance, insurance, and more. Firms use FinTech technology to manage

Top FinTech Jobs and Careers for the Future | Student FinTech

FinTech Jobs for the Future

FinTech is one of the hottest growing trends right now. That’s why you’re on this site, right? Financial technology has increased the past few years due to the increasing demand for a combination of financial and technological innovations. Think of it this way: the banking industry is great at banking, but they don’t necessarily have

5 Fantastic Careers for Techies | Student FinTech

5 Fantastic Tech Careers

Are you a tech junkie? If you love, live, and sleep technology, there are some exciting tech careers that you may want to look into. Whether you are a parent planning to send your young person into the world of academia, or a young person about to graduate from high school within the next year

The Future of FinTech for Graduates | Student FinTech

The Future of FinTech for Graduates

Financial technology (or FinTech) is a field that continues to grow – but what does the future of FinTech look like in the coming years? The reason is that it is backed by most of the banks and the technology companies across the country. According to some experts, the U.S. is slow to utilize some

Future of FinTech

How FinTech is Shaping Our Future

FinTech (financial technology) is taking center stage as the world spins faster and faster toward a tech-oriented world. Technology has been here for a very long time, but it has only been in the past few years that the field of FinTech has become the most important element of future jobs and inventions. The reason

 7 of the Most Exciting New Careers to Look for in the Future | Student FinTech

 7 of the Most Exciting New Careers to Look for in the Future

Dreaming about the future is fun. One reason is that we can’t see what it holds. It’s like a new mystery box that we can see (but not open) until we get the key. We already have the key in our hands. It is our abilities and talents and the market that drives the need

Why are so many people going into FinTech these days? | Student FinTech

Why are so many people going into FinTech these days?

Financial technology companies, as well as banks, financial institutions, and tech companies, are continuing to ramp up the level of cutting-edge technology they are using. This has created an increased need in FinTech experts (people who have a background in both finance and technology), to help them keep things running right. Additionally, there is an

Going into FinTech

The Future of FinTech: What Will It Look Like?

Everyone wonders what the future of FinTech will look like. There are several ideas regarding the FinTech industry. At this point, it’s difficult to say which one is right. There are some factors that are more predictable, however. Trend #1: AI and automation will continue to rise. Artificial intelligence and automation will help move online

Careers in Financial Technology | Student FinTech

Careers in Financial Technology

Financial technology is a growing field and it only promises to continue to grow larger in the future. Why is this? Because so many people depend on the merging of Finance and Technology to help them do so many things. This is true of both the business world (every industry) and the academic and educational

Jobs: FinTech After Graduation? | Student FinTech

How FinTech Can Help You Get a Job After Graduation

Financial technology is a broad field. It includes so many different aspects of both finance and technology that it’s hard to talk about everything it reaches in one post. But many students wonder how FinTech can help them get a good job after graduation. Below are a few ways it can do just that! 1. FinTech