Free Money for College: It Does Exist!

Free Money for College: It Does Exist! | Student FinTech

You see on the news many young people saying, “Why can’t college be free?” Bernie Sanders, known socialist of the Democratic Party, says he thinks socialism is the answer. He and others try to bring in this dangerous idea to the political agenda actively.

Real history has shown us though that socialism does not work except for the extreme elite at the top. It does nothing to help the wealth or well-being of people in the middle or the lower class. There is no actual “free money” because someone has to pay for it. College professors will not work for free. That being said, regardless of your political beliefs, America’s system of capitalism allows students and people to make their own choices. This means that you can choose which college you go to, what kind of college funding you get, your choice of career, and more. Socialist societies do not allow this. They decide what is best for the government. We want to enable you with the tools to help you make your own educated and informed decisions.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a socialist economy to have free money for college. Our system is based on a reward for a job well done. If you have a skill or talent, you can get help paying for college. This is a reward for those who showed exceptional ability in a field that is highly valued.

Where to Find Money for College

For example, one area that is highly valued right now is financial technology, also known as FinTech. Are you good at computers, can you program machines or write code? Many millennials have this high technical ability so why not use it to get free money for college?

Look into some of the references we share with you to find scholarships and see what results you get. Go to a scholarship search site to find scholarships you qualify for.

As stated, hard work does pay off! You can find free money for college by getting a scholarship or even a grant from the federal government for going into a much-needed field. The future is bright but only for those were willing to work and to show that they are a value to society. This is not socialism. It is capitalism that allows you to benefit not only yourself but others, and to give back your talents to those who most benefit from them.

It is a smart student and parent who looks ahead and plans various ways to pay for college. Think about how the financial decisions you make will stay with you. You don’t want to take on so much debt that you can’t pay it back in a reasonable time.

Financial experts recommend you not borrow more money they can be paid back comfortably within a ten-year period. Make sure you do a lot of research at the front end on careers and look at the trends as they are constantly changing on the number of and types of jobs that will be the most in demand. Look at the salaries at in certain fields and the US Department of Labor to see what the trends are before checking out college loans.