How to Become an Expert Investor

How to Become an Expert Investor | Student FinTech

Have you ever thought about investing in the stock market, mutual funds, bonds, and such like, but you’re afraid to dive in? Don’t be! Becoming an expert investor isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The time is now when the stock market is in better shape than it has ever been. You’ll hear numerous analyses about how the markets are bound to crash anyway since they have been so good for so long ever since the election of President Donald Trump, but most real analysts predict the markets will continue to thrive. 

This is partly due to the relaxed policies the President has allowed regarding small businesses so that they have fewer regulations holding them back. This has given small businesses a chance to grow and expand, along with the reduced tax percentages he also gave small and medium-sized business owners which cut the self-employment tax from 35% to 15%. 

This has allowed people who wanted to start a business to have some wiggle room and has encouraged the hiring of thousands of people who did not have jobs before. 

You can take advantage of this change also by considering starting your own business either before or after you graduate from college. America needs more fresh entrepreneurs with ideas that can change the world. Maybe you will be the next one? 

When it comes to investing, try the app or visit to get started on an investment portfolio. is a great investment app for millennials because it involves the purchase of small fractional shares of stocks so that you can contribute a little at a time from normal purchases. 

You can also make larger investments if you choose to do so. This system allows you to be as conservative or aggressive as you want with your investments and you can always add or change it anytime. lets you have more control over the stocks that you invest in and you can read the history of each company and look at their recent stats before you invest. The more you use it, the smarter you’ll get about which stocks are doing well and which ones are able to sustain that growth over time. 

Many college campuses are allowing students to purchase stocks in the classroom through various apps like the ones discussed above. But, if they don’t do it anyway. It’s a great way to get started with your investment portfolio even before you start working full-time. Just remember the rule: Never invest more than you can afford to lose. But with the economy becoming so much stronger in the past two years, the future looks bright right now! 

Good luck! 

The only way to know what you can do as an expert investor is to give it a try. The rule of thumb is never to invest more than you can afford to lose. If you don’t have the money yet to invest in larger amounts, try mobile apps such as Stockpile or Robinhood. They allow you to invest in what are called “fractional shares.” This will get you started with your investment portfolio so you can add a little to it each month.

It has become so much easier for anyone to invest using the technology that we all have at our fingertips.