How to Be More Independent in College and After

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How to Become More Independent in College and After | Student FinTech

Independence is not something that happens overnight. Some people have more confidence in their ability to become independent from parents teachers than others. But it is important in order to become a well-rounded self-confident individual.

Remember the best jobs and relationships usually happen because someone is able to exude confidence that they can do the job or handle the relationship in the best way for the other person.

There was once a study in which two people had a cosmetic imperfection that they wanted to be fixed by a plastic surgeon. They two people had this procedure done and they both went into the plastic surgery confident in the idea that the plastic surgeon could help them. One of them saw the results of the surgery and said they felt they looked so much better and then went around acting much more confident that they had before because their face looked better.

The other person had the same surgery to remove a similar imperfection but they still felt ugly though they also thought the surgery went well. What was the difference? The answer was self-image and confidence.

There’s nothing that a plastic surgeon can fix that you can’t fix yourself. It is more how we see ourselves and how we think others see us that is more important. Because that is the inside that we project to the world and to others. People know whether we are confident independent or not. People are drawn to people who exude confidence and who believe that they can do amazing things.

You’ll get more jobs, more career options, and qualify for more colleges by being confident in your essays and applications as well as throughout life. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be confident because everyone has a talent. You just have to find it then focus on that and make it great.

Discovering independence in life is based on our ability to feel so confident then we just need to make a list of what we will do to become more independent such as getting enough money to get your own apartment, finding a good job to stay financially stable, creating an investment plan and so forth. The more you do on your own the more independent you will become.

Don’t wait for others to give you something. Take it for yourself by arming yourself with the skills you need to achieve it! I know you will be a great success in whatever you choose.