How to Brand Yourself as a Young Entrepreneur

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How to Brand Yourself as a Young Business Owner | Student FinTech

If you are just entering college or planning to, you probably haven’t thought a lot about branding. Branding is something musicians, actors, sports stars, and business owners all try to do to get people familiar with their talents, products, or services.

But, as a future college student, you can still work on your branding. Another word for branding is “image.” What image do you wish to project to others? How do people respond to you? If you want to be able to win friends and influence more people, try these tips for branding yourself as a young entrepreneur.

Project the mood or attitude you want to capture.

When you deal with others in your daily life, work on staying positive, expecting the best, and making smart suggestions. Some of the branding has to do with the way you do business with others. The best negotiators are people who stand tall and create positive results that are beneficial to both parties.

Let’s say you need to sell your old science textbook in order to pay for a new business management textbook required for your economics class. The book you need to purchase costs $90, but the person you are selling your other book to is only able to pay $50. So you need an additional $40 to buy your book. What can you do to convince the other person to raise the extra $40?

Perhaps you can wash their car for them or do some errands they don’t want to do. If they are happy with this, maybe they will find the money to pay you the rest of what you need for your book. Even if they don’t, you have figured out a way to deal positively with others.

This is part of your branding.

If you owned a company, you could offer some free samples of something they want in exchange for the additional money you need to do what you need to do.

Branding also has to do with how you create products, market, and share your products with others. It includes the kind of products you make and the design and appearance of them. These are just a few components of branding. In his best-selling book, The Brand Within, Daymond John states many truths about how to brand yourself in your business.

If you are planning to run your own business someday or perhaps you’re a musician or artist who wants to create a certain image surrounding your products or services. Whatever the case, you can start now to think about how you want to project yourself, your personality, and your skills so that others will want to use them and give you the business.

Dare to dream if you want to start your own business. Think about what you do well and consider whether or not you think you could turn it into a business. You’ll never know what you can do until you try.
Listen to these helpful tips from billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban to learn more about how you can dream and then take action to reach your goals!

Cuban says to young prospective entrepreneurs, “There are no shortcuts to success. The younger you start, the more advantages you will have. It is completely up to you on whether you succeed or not.”