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How to Find a Lucrative Academic Major | Student FinTech

Everyone loves daydreaming. When is the last time you thought about how much money you will make when you get out of college? Have you done your research to determine what your approximate income will be given the demand of the market right now?

It’s good to learn to “think outside the box.” So many people, when asked, say that they make decisions or develop opinions based upon what their friends do or say. But this is an inferior way to make decisions. What if the hundreds or even thousands of students you ask are all going the wrong direction?

Famous rappers Kanye West and Snoop Dogg recently both stated that they wanted to “go my own way” and that’s why they’re both millionaires today. Snoop Dogg said he noticed all of his friends were making choices and were all influencing each other. So it became a bit of an “echo chamber” that all reflected one idea but dismissed others.

Daring to step outside the box and find your way often leads to a much high degree of success. As Snoop Dogg has said, “I noticed everyone going a certain way, so I just went the other way.”

He has also been quite vocal in the recent attempts by social media platforms and others to ban conservative speech. He recently asked millions of his fans to retweet posts by Louis Farrakhan, who was banned by Twitter, along with several other “truthers” and conservatives who social media wanted to put into one category that they termed, “Alt right.”

If this trend continues, the President will have no choice but to follow through with Anti-Trust legislation to stop it. This gets the government involved in anti-censorship ordinances.

Further, banning specific people from banking and other activities also threatens to make opportunities for equal pay and job opportunities unbalanced where more conservative people cannot be considered. This could even threaten others in the future and reduce their chances as well.

It is the very rights that we all have that will also be sacrificed if certain people start to be disallowed from social media. Snoop Dogg has controversial lyrics in his rap songs, and he fears that, if conservatives are banned, he soon will be too when someone decides he should not be allowed to sing his rap lyrics. This is very true.

The United States Constitution allows us all to have a voice and no one is ever allowed to shut that down. (First Amendment of the Constitution)

Be thankful you live in a country that allows free speech and the right to start your own business, bank with the bank you choose, and do business with online entities without fear of bias or prejudice.

As long as this is the case, you should be able to find a lucrative major and the most lucrative career and know that when you walk in with your resume in hand, no AI machine or person will reject you due to your political beliefs.

No matter what your views, remember these words from a famous writer and philosopher: “I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It.”

In a free country, all speech is allowed as long as it does not pose a clear and present danger. This is the standard we must live by to guarantee we are all free and that opportunities will continue to abound for all.