How to Get a Student Credit Card

how to get a student credit card

Want to start building credit? That’s great! Credit is an important part of becoming an adult, and college is a great time to start working on it. If you’re not sure where to start, getting a student credit card is one of the best first steps to take. Learn how below!

What is a student credit card?

Student credit cards are just as they sound. They’re credit cards designed for students who are just starting out and have little to no credit. It can be a challenge to get a normal credit card when you don’t have a demonstrated credit history, so companies have started offering these to help young adults get started.

Where to Find One

Many of the top companies have options for students, so it’s worth it to do your research and find the best option for you.

Deserve is a company we’re particularly fond of. Their company was founded to help students and young adults break into the world of credit and get started on their credit journey. They offer a few types of cards for students, and they also give some great perks for cardholders. Check out our review and more on what Deserve student credit cards offer.

How to Get One

Once you’ve found the card for you, it’s time to apply! Many companies offer a pre-qualification feature so you can see if you’ll qualify before going through the entire application process. After you’ve done this, and have received notification that you qualify for the card, complete an application. Most applications typically only take a few minutes to complete, and you’ll usually get an answer back in the same amount of time.

After you’ve been approved, it’s simple! Wait to get your student credit card in the mail, and start using it to build credit. As long as you use it consistently and make payments on time and in full every month, you’ll be on your way to building good credit!

Got your card? Learn more about what student credit cards can do for your future here.