How to Get Ahead While Maintaining Your Individuality

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How to Get Ahead While Maintaining Your Individuality | Student FinTech

One of the most challenging things (especially for young people) as you are learning what you can do in school and learning a career, is how to get ahead while still maintaining your individuality.

What is individuality? Individuality is the unique way that you approach life, the way you solve problems, your creative ability, or anything else that makes you who you are. It is important that college students remember that there are a lot of influences that try to pull you away from your true self. Even many professors may try to get you to take on a view that they think is right when it may be completely wrong or it may not fit in with what you believe.

Do not let anyone tell you what to believe even if you hear it on the national news or any source that you think is valid. Learn to distinguish between facts and opinions and you decide for yourself what you will let in. Truth is more important than opinion. Do your own research if you want to know something. Don’t go with the crowd.

A famous rapper, Kanye West, showed a great example of doing just that by standing with President Trump and stating that he did not want anyone to tell him what to think about the President or anyone else. Going with the crowd does not make something right or factual. Even if thousands of people assume something to be true, it doesn’t mean it is true. West even spent some time in the Oval Office and President Trump listened to the things he wanted to see within the black communities in America. He listened and said he would do everything he could to help. West is an individual. Some didn’t like what he did but he stood on what he knew was true and right.

Loving yourself if the most important thing you can achieve in life. Then you can also love and care for others.

Once you get out of college and start working toward a career, you have to fit in with peers and you have to impress your boss and try to do what he says to do. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your individuality at the door. People are not robots or computers. We never will be. No matter how good AI gets, people will be people and we are all individuals endowed with certain gifts and abilities. It requires some self-reflection at this time of your life to decide what you want to do with your time.

Do you want to go into the helping professions and help others with their problems such as counseling or medicine? Are you artistic and you want to run an art gallery or a music studio? Do you want to be a teacher and influence others for good and help them find their way in life? All of these are good goals so you should not let anyone tell you they’re not if it’s what you really want to be. Just remember that you will always have to fight the mob mentality that is all around us. It says, “no do this, no do that,” or “that’s bad.” As long as you were following the law and doing what is ethically right, there are no limits to what you can do and you should choose for yourself rather than listen to the voices of others.