How to Plan Your Life Beyond High School

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How to Plan Your Life Beyond High School | Student FinTech

When you are in high school, it seems that it is your entire life. The things you worry about, like friends, dating, classes, clubs, and sports, seem to take all of your time and focus. But before you know it, your high school days will be over with, and it will be time to think about planning your life beyond high school. That’s why it’s wise to start thinking about it now, while you are still in school.

To plan your life and what you are going to do after high school, you should first think about what makes you happy. While there’s no money in every hobby, many times, people have found a way to make serious cash doing what they love. Brainstorm a list of at least five areas that you are interested in, then start researching to find out which of these will pay you a good salary. The amount of money you will make will vary based on the position you obtain, but the best thing you can do to guarantee your chances of success is to prepare and train for what you want. Well-known self-made entrepreneur, Peter Voogd said in his recent book, “The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Massive Success,” that goal-setting is the number one reason that people succeed. How will you know when you’ve arrived at your goal if you don’t have one. So start by setting a great goal that you are motivated to achieve, then divide it up into steps like the following:

  1. I will attend the University of Tennessee to get an associate degree in Financial Technology.
  2. I will connect with people in the FinTech industry who can help me learn what I need to know in the profession.
  3. I will work on my resume and create an account on LinkedIn displaying my skills to employers.
  4. I will find jobs that meet my salary requirements and locations and apply, including a convincing cover letter and examples of my work when possible.
  5. I will have confidence in the interview and convince the hiring agent that I’m the best fit for the job.

The goal in the above example is “to obtain an entry-level position in FinTech.” Once you have obtained that first job, you will be more in a position to move up the ladder and obtain even better jobs. The key is getting started. So on a clean sheet of paper or a legal pad, write the words, “MY CAREER GOAL,” and list the steps to getting there based on the research you do in that industry or field.

If you believe in yourself and you have the skills to do it, you will succeed and reach even higher goals than you ever dreamed you could!