Intern to Employee: How to Turn Your Internship Into a Job

Internship to Job

Internships are always emphasized in college is a way to get some experience under your belt to increase your chances of getting a good job later on. But a better way to approach this is to go into it thinking of your internship as a stepping stone to staying on as a permanent employee. While you’re looking for job experience, companies also use internships to recruit potential employees. Read our best tips on how to go from intern to employee below!

1. Do more than just your job description

If you want to turn your internship into a job offer, you’ll need to wow your supervisors and coworkers. Simply doing what you’re asked – and nothing beyond that – isn’t going to get you there. Of course, you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but don’t be afraid to ask your boss what else you can help with or if you can shadow other employees to learn more about what they do. Go above and beyond, and people will notice!

2. Be enthusiastic

Interns may not always have the most exciting work, but you should never seem uninterested with what you’re doing. Everyone has to start somewhere. Once your manager sees that you can handle small tasks (and do it with enthusiasm), you’ll start getting bigger projects.

3. Learn the company culture

If you want to be an employee, be part of the team! If everyone eats lunch together, don’t be afraid to join them. Does your company throw parties or friendly competitions between departments? Get involved! Show people that you’re excited to be there and are invested in the company.

4. Show interest in the company

Your work as an intern may not seem important, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t valuable. Ask your boss if you can sit in on team meetings or be copied on some emails so you can gain a deeper understanding of what the company does and how it performs. Bring any feedback or ideas you have to the table. It goes back to going above and beyond, and your boss will surely appreciate your initiative.

5. Ask for feedback

It’s okay to solicit feedback. After you’ve been at your internship for some time, ask your boss if they have any feedback on your performance or if there’s anything you could improve on. It might seem scary, but again, they will appreciate your drive!

6. Develop a good relationship with your manager(s)

Your supervisor’s opinion matters most in taking you from intern to employee. It’s important to have a good working relationship with them. If you’re a good worker, take initiative, and don’t cause any headaches for them, you’re on your way!

7. Be open about what you want

Your supervisor won’t know that you’d like to stay on after your internship ends if you don’t tell them! Once you’ve been at the company for a while, talk to your boss about any opportunities to continue as a permanent employee. If they’re open to the possibility, see if you can set a few goals or create a roadmap to get there.

Even if the company isn’t hiring at the moment, it’s still good to ask! If you make a good impression and go from intern to employee, you’ll be the first person your supervisor thinks of when they do have a job opening.