Investing in Fractional Shares

Investing in Fractional Stocks | Student FinTech

As you plan your young person’s college years, decide on student loan options, and contact colleges, spend a little time thinking about investments.

Investing is something people have a mistaken opinion about. They tend to think that investing is something someone only does when they are middle-aged, have worked about 10 years or more, and have time to save up enough money. But the opposite is exact. There are plenty of young people who have started investing some of their paychecks each month to either an IRA or retirement plan within their workplace.

But you don’t even have to wait until you get a full-time job to start investing. With FinTech apps such as,, and, you can start investing right away through something called fractional shares.

What are fractional shares?

Fractional shares are parts of a share, for lack of a better term. They are not a full share, which always costs more money than a fractional share. For example, people who invest in a fractional share of a stock might own $5 in iRobot, for example. Every time iRobot makes money during the day on Wall Street, the stockholders will make a few pennies. It’s fun to see your money go up as you can invest more.

I started a while back investing in stocks using the Stockpile app, and I am now making about $3 per day on my stocks alone. That may seem like a small amount, but it adds up to around $90 per month!

Students can invest in fractional shares, too by signing up for an account at any of the investment app sites. Below are some of the most popular ones.


Each of them has their perks, so check them all out and see which one you like best. The economy is in the best shape it has been in years, so now is the time to get into stocks through a gradual approach. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, though. Despite the excellent economic times, the US is experiencing right now, the stock market is unpredictable.