Is a Finance Degree Really Worth It?

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Is a Finance Degree Really Worth It? | Student FinTech

With all of the changes in FinTech and modern-day technology, some high school and college students wonder is a finance degree has any worth in today’s world. Some argue that, since all of the banks are going to turn into tech companies, why even focus on finance?

But that’s not exactly true. While there is a trend toward using technology companies for offering loans and other financial services, there will still be a need for finance experts. There will still be people who need sound financial advice, accounting services, and investing advice. There will always be a need for help with stock options either through a broker or through a sophisticated investment app such as or

App developers will be in high demand, also, as the need for expert technology specialists and financial experts begins to merge – and one of the best routes to getting into those jobs is with a finance degree.

Trends Affecting the Financial Tech Industry in the Near Future

Many factors are starting to trend that are going to affect the FinTech industry shortly. AI will become the norm as more companies start putting robots and advanced algorithms in place to do what used to be human jobs. Some people will be replaced in these positions. However, when this topic is discussed, they forget to mention the millions of people that will now be needed to maintain, create, and write the programs for these advanced bots and software products.

They don’t “just happen.” Like anything, they have to have a creator!

If a student has a high IQ for tech and also has some knowledge of how financial transactions work online, they may be perfect for the FinTech industry.

This field is expected to grow exponentially in the next five to ten years because of the larger number of people who are turning to online banking and payment solutions, as well as the emerging cryptocurrency, which is going to have to have an entire network of professional FinTechies who can help keep the system going smoothly.

Steps to Getting Into the FinTech Industry

If you have a young person who is interested in getting into this exciting and evolving industry, here are the steps you need to follow to get them closer to their goal:

  1. Understand the industry. The more you understand about the FinTech industry, the better your chances will be. Read everything you can and learn from others.
  2. Show your abilities in FinTech. Employers want to see that you have something special to offer. Outline the skills you have now and chart a plan on how you will improve upon them to make yourself more appealing to employers.
  3. Apply for a degree program (does not necessarily have to be a four-year degree). Start with a college search on your own and find out what you want to focus on. Then apply for student financial aid and get going.
  4. Talk to people in the finance industry. Get to know what others know about where the best colleges and jobs are.
  5. Apply for a job. Add certifications through or or another online eCourse site to move your skills forward. Adding skills will help you improve your chances of landing a better job or moving up in your current job.

Go for that finance degree! There’s never been a better time than now to invest in yourself. When you choose the financial technology niche area, you are jumping on board with a potentially lucrative field and it is only expected to grow over time.