How FinTech Can Help You Get a Job After Graduation

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Financial technology is a broad field. It includes so many different aspects of both finance and technology that it’s hard to talk about everything it reaches in one post. But many students wonder how FinTech can help them get a good job after graduation. Below are a few ways it can do just that!

1. FinTech includes HR “AI” recruiting.

This means that, when you apply for a job online, your application will likely go through a filtering process to find the best candidates with the use of artificial intelligence and certain key factors. If you understand how this system works, you’ll be better able to get the attention of job recruiters for a position you covet.

2. If you major in financial technology in school, you may be able to make a five or six-figure salary once you graduate from college.

There is a high demand for students who focus on FinTech education to help with computer programs, software, AI automation projects, and much more.

3. FinTech can help students put all of the resources you need together.

You’ll be able to find job leads more easily through some of these resources such as this company’s website known as They offer opportunities for jobs in the FinTech industry.

4. FinTech can help you build your resume or portfolio online.

For example, you could create a website that features your best skills and includes samples of your work on a site like Build your site for free and upgrade as you choose. Use it to display your skills and show proof of your ability. This is what job recruiters are looking for.

5. Create a LinkedIn job page to draw attention from job recruiters.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular online job portfolios and resume sites where you can display your resume on your profile. You can even write blog articles and post links to your LinkedIn file from another website or your social media pages.

FinTech covers a lot of territories. It includes sites that offer online banking such as, sites that allow you to invest like, and sites that offer job links and resources like Whatever your career goals are, take some time to keep a record of your resources online that will help you find the job you need once you have finished with your educational requirements.

Begin with the end in mind. Finding a job after graduation doesn’t have to be so difficult. Make life happen for you the way you want it. You can do it!