Liberal Arts Degrees: Are They Worth Anything?

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Liberal Arts Degrees: Are They Worth Anything? | Student FinTech

Teachers in high school always encourage young people to go into the field they are best at. Tests that explore aptitude abilities and interest areas are a good starting point. But what if your highest scores are in the area of history, French language, or science? Do liberal arts degrees such as these pay off?

There’s a lot of discussion about this today. The world is changing so fast, and it’s not known what types of jobs will be trending tomorrow. We do know, however, that FinTech jobs, IT jobs, and anything related to technology are certain to be in demand.

Liberal arts degrees such as history, French (or another foreign language), or science may not be as much in demand as technology jobs. But this doesn’t mean they are not valuable.

Is it worth pursuing?

Perhaps the key is to think about how you can use these degrees and skills within the tech world without leaving the field altogether. For example, say you’re a history expert. Why not consider working for a digital archive company that keeps track of events in a huge database that offers remote access to users? If you like science, consider combining your love of science and skill to go into AI and technology research.

There’s no need to despair if you score high on a liberal arts category. Oftentimes, it not so much the area of concentration itself but how to use it in our modern world that makes the difference!

So, when you think about whether or not liberal arts degrees are worth anything, try taking some courses in FinTech. If you apply yourself and figure out how to make yourself valuable, it will pay off. Remember what Mark Cuban always says, “Find your market!” There are people out there who will appreciate what you do well! Go find them.

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