Finding the Best Low-Interest Credit Cards

Finding the Best Low-Interest Credit Cards | Student FinTech

Finding low-interest credit cards is not always easy. There are so many different offers circulating the Internet and your mailbox that it can be difficult to know which ones are best.

Choosing the best low-interest credit cards is essential because you will be paying the bill for a long time unless you pay it off early.

Are credit cards necessary?

If you look at what happens when you take out a credit card, it’s hard to believe why anyone would ever want to have one. For example, let’s say that a credit card offers 9% interest. This would be a low-interest rate. It’s doubtful that the credit card company would stay at this rate, however, so be sure to read the fine print.

That being said, even at 9% interest, if you purchase just one 100 dollar item today, you will pay back $109 also if you pay it within a short time. If you wait longer to pay it off, you will owe more. In some cases that small debt of $100 can add up to twice the original principal, depending on how long you carry the debt. This kind of scenario has created the enormous debt that many Americans have accumulated.

So, all things being equal, it is best if you do not have to use credit cards. However, if you do plan to purchase a home someday, buy a car or other major purchase, or need to develop a credit rating for starting a business or other reasons, finding low-interest credit cards should be on your priority list.

Here are a few places to look to find low-interest credit cards. Take a look at each of these links and see which one sounds right for your financial goals. Remember though that you cannot get out of debt by borrowing more money. Always use a debit card for most purchases, but use credit to build your credit rating to empower yourself to do more in the future.

List of Links

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