That’s a hard question to answer! Few people know what they want out of their life from the beginning – and even if you do, it’s okay to change your mind!

When you were in high school, you had teachers and counselors to lay out all of your options and help guide you in the right direction. You likely had a lot of influences driving your decisions up until this point. Now, your decisions are all yours – and that can be an overwhelming feeling! But it doesn’t have to be stressful. This is the time in your life to ask these questions, so don’t be afraid to dive in!

It’s time to take a deep look at yourself and start asking the hard questions. It might seem scary to think about these things, but figuring out what you want to do in life and defining your life plan is a healthy, necessary, and even fun way to stay on track.

Below, you’ll find our best advice and tips on:

  • How to become more independent and confident
  • How to define and set goals
  • How to figure out what is most important to you
  • Rules for becoming successful
  • What goes into making these decisions

And more! We want to help you discover the best ways to define your passions, set goals, and challenge yourself so you can live a life you’ll love. Creating your life plan doesn’t have to be difficult. Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this together!

Set Goals You Can Reach | Student FinTech

Set Goals You Can Reach

Goal-setting is important. No matter what you are trying to do, without goals, you will never be able to reach the mark. How will you know when you get there? There have been many people over the years who have helped inspire people to set goals in their careers, relationships, and life. Earl Nightingale, a

Self-Confidence Rules Your Life | Student FinTech

Self-Confidence Rules Your Life

Have you ever thought about how much self-confidence runs our lives? What you think of yourself can determine your success. It’s really true! Psychologists tell us that confidence in oneself, when coupled with perseverance and determination can decide whether someone succeeds in a career, a relationship, or a business venture. There are thousands of examples

Planning Your Future Success after Graduation | Student FinTech

Planning Your Future Success After Graduation

Entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban often say that you’ll be successful if you “find your market.” What does he mean by this? Mark Cuban is a self-made billionaire with a strong tech ability who found a need in the late 80s by developing internet radio with Broadcast.com. This site and platform no longer exist because Cuban sold

How to Get Ahead While Maintaining Your Individuality | Student FinTech

How to Get Ahead While Maintaining Your Individuality

One of the most challenging things (especially for young people) as you are learning what you can do in school and learning a career, is how to get ahead while still maintaining your individuality. What is individuality? Individuality is the unique way that you approach life, the way you solve problems, your creative ability, or

How to Become More Independent in College and After | Student FinTech

How to Be More Independent in College and After

Independence is not something that happens overnight. Some people have more confidence in their ability to become independent from parents teachers than others. But it is important in order to become a well-rounded self-confident individual. Remember the best jobs and relationships usually happen because someone is able to exude confidence that they can do the

How to Do Effective Research to Make Decisions | Student FinTech

How to Do Effective Research to Make Decisions

Part of the purpose of going to college or post-secondary school is to learn to do effective research that will help you make informed decisions. The best decisions are made based on gathering a lot of different information and drawing conclusions from that data. Many people base their decisions on what their friends think, what

How to Plan Your Life Beyond High School | Student FinTech

How to Plan Your Life Beyond High School

When you are in high school, it seems that it is your entire life. The things you worry about, like friends, dating, classes, clubs, and sports, seem to take all of your time and focus. But before you know it, your high school days will be over with, and it will be time to think

Setting Financial Goals and Sticking With It | Student FinTech

Setting Financial Goals and Sticking With It

Young people don’t do a lot of thinking about budgets. In fact, it’s the furthest thing from their minds. They are focused on finishing high school, choosing a career and a college, and moving to a new town. It is an exciting time. But it’s also a time when they should consider their financial goals.

3 Ways FinTech Is Changing Your Life Today | Student FinTech

3 Ways FinTech Is Changing Your Life Today

The press is awash with financial technology (FinTech) news. While the many breakthroughs in this sector might appeal to big business, ordinary citizens might wonder if they have any bearing on their daily life. Is FinTech helpful to you? Here are some ways you interact with FinTech daily that may surprise you. 1. Financial Literacy