Whether you’re just approaching college or are starting out after graduation, it’s time to take advantage of these years. Get out there and explore!

Here, you’ll find all of our best tips and information on all things travel, including:

  • How to save money and stick to a budget while traveling
  • Top spring and winter break destinations
  • Best resources for travel, during and after college
  • Fun travel activities to try

There’s a whole world out there – where will you go next? It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the next town over or are flying around the world. Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Traveling is a great way to learn about new cultures, immerse yourself in a new environment, overcome challenges, and discover new things about yourself in the process! Plus, travel offers additional benefits, such as…

  • An opportunity to try new things and find new interests
  • The chance to meet new people
  • New cultural experiences
  • A new perspective on the world

So, are you ready to start planning your next trip? We’ll give you top recommendations for destinations, and help you decide where to go for the weekend, week, or for the rest of your future! Plus, we’ve got all the resources you need to plan the best trip and save money while you do it! There are so many places you can experience, and we have put together some of the best options for you to choose from. Now, get packing and happy wanderlusting!

Best Rental Car Companies for 2020 | Student FinTech

Best Rental Car Companies for 2020

Thinking about renting a car during your next trip? Doing so is a great way to see a new place, travel at your own pace, and save money on transportation. If you’re planning for an upcoming trip and are looking for somewhere to rent a car, check out these top rental car companies for 2020!

Best Air Travel Tips for 2020

Best Air Travel Tips for 2020

Whether you’re a travel junkie or an airport novice, there are always some travel tips you might not be aware of that you can keep in mind for your next adventure. Domestic or international, one hour or 11 – we’ve rounded up some of our best air travel tips below to help you out on

How to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget

How to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget

Spring break is something that most college students look forward to all year. You get a week-long break from classes, time to relax, and, in most cases, an excuse to kick back and let loose! But it’s not always easy to plan an exciting spring break when you’re on a college budget. To help, we’ve

5 Best Spring Break Destinations for 2020

5 Best Spring Break Destinations for 2020

Spring break is an iconic time in college. There’s tons of hype surrounding it, towns famous for their spring breakers, and even movies centered around it. It’s a big deal, and the perfect time to relax and let loose during a busy semester. If you’re looking for the best spring break destinations to head to

Student Tours and College Trips for School Breaks 2

Student Tours and College Trips for School Breaks

Traveling in college can be rough. Between trying to agree on a destination with friends, finding a time that works for everyone, and of course, coming up with the money to pay for it, there’s a lot that goes into it. If you’re having trouble coming up with a plan for your next school break

Student Tours and College Trips for School Breaks

6 Must-Have Student Travel Resources

Whether you’re taking a Spring Break trip or are planning on studying abroad in Europe, there are a lot of resources designed for students to help you along the way. No matter your destination, check out our top student travel resources below! Hostelworld Hotel rooms can add up quickly. Hostels are a great way to


How to Rent a Car for the First Time

Renting a car for the first time is a big milestone! Sure, it may not seem quite as exciting as going to college or turning 21, but it is a rite of passage in itself. If you’re thinking of renting a car but never have before, check out our guide on how to rent a


How to Make the Most out of Your Weekend

You spend all week looking forward to the weekend, and before you know it, it’s flown by and it’s Monday all over again. It seems like you always have a list of things to do over the weekend, but somehow it goes by in a blur and all you’ve done is watch Netflix for two


Where to Find Cheap Flights for Students

College is one of the best times in life to travel. You likely have more free time than you ever will, and with school breaks scattered throughout the year, it’s the perfect time to take advantage and plan a vacation! The problem, as we all know, is the cost. Travelling isn’t cheap, especially when you’re

weekend activities

6 Creative Weekend Activities to Try

Weekends are usually the time to relax and recharge (read: binge Netflix and catch up on sleep). This is great, but it can also be refreshing to switch things up every once in a while and do something new. This weekend, try one of these creative weekend activities to set the tone for a great