Looking for small ways to earn or save a little extra money? When it comes to spending (or saving) money, every little bit helps, big or small. If you’re searching for somewhere to start, we’ve rounded up a collection of quick and easy money-saving activities here.

Our goal is to help people like you find products that improve your everyday life, help you stick to your budget, and help your wallet out as much as possible! Whether it’s saving money on an item you’ve had your eye on, signing up for a chance to win cash prizes, or finding new products to make your life a little easier, we’ve got it all below. Check out some of our top activities here!

1. Happy Home Sweepstakes

Want to win $1,500 to put toward your home? Owning a home is a big expense, and everyone could use a little relief sometimes. Through Happy Home Insider, you could enter for a chance to win the $1,500 Home Sweepstakes!

It’s simple – all you have to do is check your eligibility by entering some basic information, and be at least 18 years old. Then, you can sign up for free entry into the sweepstakes and learn more about Happy Home Insider and how they can help you answer common questions about home ownership. From there, all that’s left for you to do is take a quick survey to help Happy Home Insider learn more about your current situation, and how they can help.

2. Click 4 Riches

What would you do with $50,000? Start thinking about it, and enter for a chance to win a $50,000 grand prize! With that money, you could… Pay down (or pay off!) a mortgage

$50,000 would go a long way toward helping to pay down (or even pay off!) a mortgage! Not a homeowner yet? That money would be great to put toward a down payment! Buy a new car

Had your eye on a new car? This could be your chance to get that “new car” smell! Go on your dream vacation

Always wanted to see the world? $50,000 could be your ticket to get you there!

Enter now for your chance to win big!

3. Visa Gift Card Sweepstakes – 

Want a chance to win $5,000 – plus a free $50 Visa gift card? Nobody turns down free money! There’s a lot you could do with cash like that – paying down debt, upgrading something you’ve had your eye on, putting it toward a major milestone, or maybe treating yourself with something nice! Just complete one step, and you’re entered to win. Check out Sweepstakes a Day to enter for your chance to win!

  1. OMG!

Enter for your chance to win $50,000 in just one step! In just a few short seconds, you could be one step closer to winning big. Imagine what you could do with $50,000! You could buy a new car, put the money toward a huge life event like buying a house, go on a nice vacation, or treat yourself or your family however you want! But you can’t win if you don’t enter, so start putting your list together on what you would do with the prize, and click here to submit for your chance to win! Good luck!

  1. Click 2 win 4 life

We have good news for you – you can enter for a free entry into a drawing to win $1 million cash! That kind of money could change your life. Hurry and grab your entry now!

Entering to win is easy. As long as you’re 18 or older, all you have to do is click here to go to our partner site, select your numbers – that’s your entry number – by choosing your lucky numbers yourself or letting it do the work for you. Once you’ve got your numbers lined up, submit it to be entered into the $1,000,000 sweepstakes, and cross your fingers!

  1. Michael Kors Sweepstakes

Want to win a free Michael Kors handbag? Everyone has seen the stylish designer Michael Kors purses, but they can be pricey – which is why winning one is even sweeter! Fulfill your fashion blogger dreams, and up your “outfit of the day” game with one of these Michael Kors purses. There’s more than one handbag that’s being given away, and you could be one of the lucky winners! Simply fill out a quick form to be entered to win the monthly drawing, and you’ll be one step closer to completing your wardrobe.


Win a free Roomba! You could receive one of the multiple Roomba 650 robotic vacuums being given away, and you’re just one step away from entering. Say goodbye to spending hours vacuuming the house or wishing you could hire a housekeeping to keep the mess under control. Pet hair, dirt tracked in from outside, kids’ playtime, or everyday messes are no match for this thing. Roombas have easy to use automation for around your home, so you can turn it on and relax while it does all the work. At this rate, you won’t even need to worry about a housekeeper!

Entering to win only takes a second! Click here to complete your official entry form.

  1. Everyday Winner!

You could win $500! Everyday Winner is giving away a free $500 prepaid card to one winner every day, all year. That’s 365 chances to win, and you could be the next lucky person to win! Best of all, you can enter completely for free with a quick and easy entry form – no spending any money or wasting time filling out a long, confusing form. Everyday Winner will also send you freebies, coupons, and more to help you save money on the things you’re already buying.

And here’s a secret – you can enter every day, so your chances of winning are even bigger. Don’t waste any time – go enter for your chance to win the $500!

  1. The American Survey

What’s your opinion worth? It might be more than you think it is! With The American Survey, your opinion could be worth $500! Share your unique insight and perspectives and take The American Survey for your chance to win $500. That’s right – that’s all you have to do to enter! The best part is, winners are selected every day, so you have a chance to win every day. Stop giving your opinion away for free, and take The American Survey now!

  1. Purell Samples

Everybody likes free things – and over three million fans agree. You can sign up for no cost to start receiving your free samples straight to your mailbox today. What are some of the free samples you could get? Freebies include free Purell hand sanitizer samples (perfect to keep in your handbag or around the house to keep the germs away), Tide laundry samples, Swiffer sample products, KitchenAid goodies, Dewalt tools, Hanes clothing, and more!

The freebies don’t last long, so get your hands on some now! The only thing left to do is sign up to start getting your samples today!

  1. Test and keep Samsung S20

You could win a free Samsung Galaxy S20 to test and keep! The Samsung Galaxy S20 includes 8k video snap, 5g connectivity, and zoom up to 30x – perfect for all the photos, videos, communication, and web surfing you could ever need, right in your palm.

Here’s how it works: sign up with your contact info, and if you are selected to be a product tester, you’ll be sent a free product, no purchase necessary. Complete a review of the product, and you could be chosen to have your review shared – and keep your free Samsung Galaxy S20! People are selected to have their reviews submitted every quarter, so there’s plenty of chances to win. Enter your contact information to get started and get one step closer to winning here.

  1. Test and keep Craftsman hardware

Need to build up your collection of hardware and tools around the house? It’s always helpful to have a selection of hardware nearby, whether you need to make a quick fix at your house or are working on a DIY project.

Now, you could win a free set of Craftsman hardware! Entering is easy – all you have to do is submit your contact information, and if you are selected to be a product tester, you’ll be sent a free product at no cost to you. Complete a review of the product, and if you’re chosen to have your review shared, you’ll receive free Craftsman hardware!

  1. Roundup Legal Case Review: FREE EVALUATION

Have you ever used the herbicide weed killer Roundup? The popular weed killer has unfortunately been declared cancer causing by the Agency of World Health, and scientific studies have shown an association between Roundup and an increased risk of non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL). If you (or someone you know) have been exposed to the weed killer, and were later diagnosed with cancer, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You can get a free case evaluation to see if you are eligible for compensation with Consumer Guardian today.

Get information about the legal environment with Roundup weed killer, help explaining your legal rights, and a free case review today.

  1. Legal help

Searching for legal help? The legal world is a confusing environment to navigate. If you’re looking for legal advice, Help.Law can help you. More than 10,000 people have gone to them to get legal advice, and you can too. Some of the situations they can help with include being injured or harmed in an accident, filing for bankruptcy, family situations such as divorce or child custody battles, being accused of committing a criminal offense, or simply have questions with a current situation in any field of law!

Help.Law is free to use, and can help connect you with an accredited attorney who will further review your case. Click here to choose an area of law for the help you’re looking for, and get started today.

  1. Freescore360

Do you know the importance of a credit score? Credit scores can determine your eligibility for things such as auto loans and mortgages, the interest rates you’ll be able to qualify for when you borrow money, and even things like being able to rent an apartment. It’s safe to say, knowing your credit score is important! FreeScore360, powered by ScoreSense, can help you get your credit scores from all three main credit bureaus out there.

ScoreSense can help you see what lenders may see when they look over your credit, so you’ll be able to know where you stand. It will also give you daily monitoring alerts that notify you of any suspicious activity regarding your credit and identity, as well as insights into your credit to help you understand what may be helping or hurting your credit score.

Get started with ScoreSense here!

  1. Credit Card finder

If you don’t already have a credit card, now might be a great time to get one! Having a credit card is a great way to build your credit, and in turn, help show people such as lenders that you make responsible financial decisions. Plus, having a credit card helps teach money management skills, and some even let you earn rewards on your spending – win-win!

You can use Top Credit Card Finder to help you find the best credit card for you. Whether you’re just starting to build your credit, are trying to repair your credit score, or already have a strong credit history, Top Credit Card Finder has credit cards for every type of score. Enter your contact information to find the right credit card for you now!

  1. Unemployment Benefits Guide

Confused about what unemployment benefits include? There are many benefits and forms of aid that can help if you lose your job, including financial help, assistance finding a job, and more.

You could be eligible for as much as $48,600 in total benefits! Sign up for free with Unemployment Benefits Guide to get a free guide including helpful information about unemployment assistance, a clear guide on how to apply for unemployment benefits, and optional survey questions to connect you with personalized offers. Just sign up with your email address, and you’ll be sent the free guide and helpful information on how to get started. 

  1. Home Money Guide

Did you know that more than a whopping $30 billion is being held in federal and state accounts? Find your share of that cash today with The Home Money Guide. Enter your basic contact information to get started today.

The Home Money Guide features a collection of information and resources around homes and finances, and also highlights helpful money saving tips, home improvement topics, DIY tips and tricks, mortgage information and advice, and more.