Self Image is King

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Self-Image is King | Student FinTech

A famous psychologist named Cooley once said that self image is everything. His actual theory was called “The Looking Glass Theory.” He went so far as to say that the way we see ourselves will determine our level of success in life. I’m not sure how true this is on a practical basis, but we do know that self image plays a large role in whether or not people gain friends, get a job, find the spouse of their dreams, or close the deal on that house they’re trying to sell. Whatever self image is, it has to do with the way we perceive our abilities or it could include how we think of ourselves physically or mentally.

How can you improve your self image?

First of all you have to start by not listening to one more negative voice. When you hear someone say that you didn’t really achieve something great or someone else did that, tell them they are a liar.

Perhaps you won’t say it to their face, but you need to think it to yourself because they are lying when they say this. They don’t know you nor do they have an understanding of what you can do.

Even professors, college teachers, and others who are assigned to play a leadership role in our lives including a boss may tell you that you did not do a good job but does this mean that you did not do a good job? Not necessarily. It simply means that you did not meet their standards for the job.

Of course, we all have to get along and we have to do what our bosses say if we’re going to maintain the position and we’re not saying that you should go against that if you like your job or career. We’re simply saying that you should listen to your own inner voice more than others and remind yourself that you are capable of whatever you tell yourself you’re capable of. Don’t let others demoralize you, even if that was not their intention. Just take the criticism for what it is and go on. Learn from it if you can, but do not let it affect your belief in yourself.

The great positive thinking radio host and writer Earl Nightingale once said, “What a man can believe and conceive he can achieve.”

This doesn’t mean that we could all be rocket scientists, command the next space shuttle, or drive a car at the speed of light. There are realizations and limitations to our real physical world and our own abilities. But if you have a goal that is worth having and you have at least the basic skills to get it, what’s stopping you?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Try. See what happens. The only person who has that power is you. We live in the best society in the world here in the United States where capitalism allows each individual person to seek their right to liberty and freedom and happiness.

Part of this happiness comes from a job well done. So think about what you want to do to make yourself and the world a better place then go for it. Start by looking for a college or training school that you want to go to to help you better your skills so you can get the career you’ve always dreamed of. The only thing stopping you are your beliefs in yourself.