Set Goals You Can Reach

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Set Goals You Can Reach | Student FinTech

Goal-setting is important. No matter what you are trying to do, without goals, you will never be able to reach the mark. How will you know when you get there? There have been many people over the years who have helped inspire people to set goals in their careers, relationships, and life. Earl Nightingale, a prominent radio talk show host in the 1960s, wrote a series of radio shows, books, and other media that helped people understand the natural laws that govern our lives.

There are some universal truths to set goals you can reach, such as respecting others, working hard, and making plans that all work together to help a person to be successful.

Some of the universal laws he mentioned are listed below:

  1. You get back what you put into life.
  2. The need to be appreciated is the basic need of mankind.
  3. The customer is always right.

These are three of his major ideas that he put in his books and media. Think about each one and ask yourself whether you think you utilize these facts. You may argue with them, if you choose. But they are still true. It’s a basic rule that you will get back the approximate amount of reward for the amount of effort you put forth. If you put your energy into something you are not good at or something that doesn’t succeed, you may not succeed. But if you choose something worthwhile and give it your all, chances are you will see the positive results.

The second one addresses the basic human need to be appreciated. Watch what happens when you give someone an honest compliment and see if that’s a true statement. Everyone likes to be appreciated. The point is, if you can communicate that you appreciate or value someone, they will return the favor by appreciating you.
Sure, there are exceptions and some people are unhappy no matter what you do. But try it as a general rule and your results will pay back in spades.

What about the last one, “The customer is always right.” We know, in reality, the customer may not always be right. But the point is that, we should treat the customer as though they are right, out of respect. After all, they paid you the money for the item or service. If they are unhappy with the results, you need to find a way to win back their trust. This may be a refund or a discount on a future item. The goal is to save the customer because if you lose one customer, you may lose many more as a result.

Here’s a rule: Happy customers tell others. Upset customers tell others twice as often. Think about this as you plan your future career. Whether you are an employee or a business owner in the future, make the customer happy. And you will be happy, too. You can’t win every one. But win as many as you can.

When setting goals, make a list of goals that are just above what you have done before but close enough to successfully reach. Below are some ways you can set realistic goals for yourself.

  1. Consider your talents and abilities and how you can use them to set realistic goals.
  2. Dedicate 60% of your day to productive activities that are only focused on your goal. (Brian Tracy)
  3. Work smarter, not harder so that your time is spent on the most important tasks. Delegate smaller tasks to other people. (Timothy Ferris)
  4. Look back at your past successes and make your next goal slightly harder to reach. Give yourself a timeline to reach it.
  5. Always evaluate your progress and adapt to change as necessary.

Remember, you may have to change the way you reach your goal. But you don’t have to give up on your goal. Just find a different path to reach it. Keep this in mind when setting goals and you will aim just high enough to always improve and that is the real goal!