Success: How Will I Know When I Get There?

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Success: How Will I Know When I Get There? | Student FinTech

If you have done a good job at realistic but challenging goal-setting, you should have an idea of where you are going. Maybe you have checked out scholarships and grants so that you can enroll in a school of your choice. It’s important to note, however, that goals can change as your interests (or the market) changes. That’s okay, as long as you continually monitor the progress you are making on a regular basis.

Millennials often say that they don’t really think they should set goals because the world is changing too fast. They think that, by the time they get out of school or college, that their goal won’t matter anymore because the jobs they were aiming for will be gone.

There is some truth in this. With AI and virtual machine learning escalating at an astounding rate and companies who are planning to replace many human jobs with machines, however, the truly creative and innovative person will not be bothered by this. Rather than being replaced, you will likely be asked to do even more challenging but rewarding tasks to maintain automated systems or to develop creative ways of solving problems.

The fact that the world is changing is not a good reason not to set goals. We will always need to set goals, no matter what the market or the world does around us. The key is to constantly monitor our progress and to change and alter the goals as needed.

What is Success to Me?

Regarding success, success means different things to different people. Most young people focus on college, friends, and getting a job after school. If you will feel successful after completing college, then you are a success. If having a small apartment by a corner cafe is a success to you, then you are a success. As long as you can support yourself and pay your bills, you are a success by most standards.

There are standards of success that the world sets for us, as well. But you will only be successful when you meet the goals you have set for yourself. Of course, these goals should be sprinkled with integrity and the desire to help not only ourselves but the world to be a better place.

Think about how what you do well will benefit the country and the world. Even in your little corner, you might be surprised how much your talents will help improve the world. Don’t just follow the crowd. Dare to be different for a good cause and set worthwhile goals that will help you define your successes in life.

Life is a journey and we learn by making mistakes and coming back even better the next time. It’s about the journey, not the destination. The truly successful person sets many goals throughout their lifetime, like mile markers in the sea of life.

What will your first goal be?