Did President Trump Leave His Billion-Dollar Income Behind?

Did President Trump Leave His Billion-Dollar Income Behind? | Student FinTech

President Donald Trump is not a career politician. This is one reason people like him. He speaks from the gut, telling it like it is, rather than what people want to hear. One reason for this is that he is also an entrepreneur.

He started as an entrepreneur after many years of working in the real estate market as well as other jobs, finding his way through New York as a young graduate of the Wharton School in the area of Economics. The son of a real estate banker and investor, Donald’s father raised him to have a high standard of ethics and to work hard in order to achieve success. Most of all, he taught him to set his sights on a goal and to never give up.

Many people wonder and even criticized Donald Trump for leaving his billionaire lifestyle to run for President. They seem to be suspicious as to why he would leave such a nice lifestyle, a beach house in Florida, and vacation homes to help his country.

Little know fact: He decided to run for President because some people asked him to. Military intelligence people from the US Army and other branches who were concerned about the state of the country went to Donald Trump and asked if he would run.

There is a video that aired about 30 years ago in which Trump had said if the country ever got in such bad shape economically in through other means that he would run for President.

This probably explains why many now claim to be some sort of a prophet regarding what was going to happen later, because the media has been out there on his interviews regarding a possible Presidential run for many years. He even said it again in 1999 on The Larry King Show.

Regardless of what the media says about Trump, if you study who he really is, you will see that he did this in order to restore America. He wanted to create more jobs, improve our relations with other countries, and to boost our economy. There are many problems that America is going through right now but Donald Trump said once, “I don’t think I can go to heaven if I don’t do this.”

The truth is that Donald Trump left a cushy billionaire lifestyle to work as President (a difficult job), for free. Did I mention free? No other president has ever offered to do this before and he also used all of his own money for his campaign.

This is a man who truly loves America because he left an easy lifestyle for one that has been long and difficult. But when he is asked he says he would not do anything else.

What do you want to do with your life and your career? Do you want to be a billionaire like Donald Trump or Mark Cuban? Perhaps you might even consider running for President in a few years?

Do you want to start a new company in technology or create a new AI robot?

In America you have a choice be a pauper or a millionaire, a fast food worker or a franchise owner. But you have to plan ahead and you have to be willing to do the work.

Let them inspire you to greatness.