Donald Trump: Coming Back from a Billion Dollar Loss

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Trump: Coming Back from a Billion-Dollar Loss | Student FinTech

There’s a lot of talk these days about Trump’s tax returns. But it’s been shown many times that he did everything legally. Some worry about his “billion dollar loss” that he experienced during some of his business dealings.

But people who mention this have ideas they are often trying to force on the public or they do not understand that entrepreneurs experience both “up and down” times. It’s just part of the nature of entrepreneurship. Other highly successful entrepreneurs lost millions of dollars. Some of the ones who have experienced near billion-dollar losses include:

  1. Walt Disney
  2. George Foreman
  3. Henry Ford
  4. Charles Givens
  5. Wilton Hershey (Hershey’s Candy Bar Company)
  6. Steve Jobs (Bill Gates bailed out Apple to the tune of $33 million in the late seventies, motivating Steve to name Bill Gates, “Big Brother.”)
  7. Stan Lee
  8. Clarence Saunders (Piggly Wiggly Stores)
  9. Henry Heinz
  10. Mark Cuban (now worth 4.1 billion)

Donald Trump grew up the son of a real estate investor in New York, then later worked in entertainment and TV, as well as building several successful companies. The point is, he learned from his mistakes. As every successful entrepreneur will tell you, it’s not how many times you fail that matter, it’s how you end up. Donald Trump never gave up, and he is an inspiration to all of us who are building businesses and experiencing the highs and lows that are a natural part of that lifestyle.

The truth is, Donald Trump is just one of many businessmen who made a few bad choices in investments while trying to scale their companies or other financial options. But Trump was able to “bounce back” like all of the above millionaires, to make many times more than what he made before. And most think he’s using those same skills to help the country “bounce back” from the previous eight years of financial woes.