What is Upromise?

Upromise | Student FinTech

Everyone wants more money for college. Whether you’re about to graduate high school, are in college, or a thinking about returning to school, finding money for college is stressful. That’s where Upromise comes in.

In short, Upromise is a tool that helps families save money for college. They’ll help you create a savings plan, set goals, and set up automatic transfers to help you stay on track. You can also link existing 529 college savings plans, so everything is stored in one place.

Upromise Rewards

On top of helping you create and stick to a savings plan, Upromise also offers their own Mastercard for more ways to save.

With the Upromise Mastercard, you can:

  • Earn 1.25% cash back on all purchases
  • Round to the nearest dollar on purchases to put toward your college savings
  • Get a 15% bonus when you link your account to an eligible 529 plan

Plus, you can even earn rewards and discounts through Upromise’s network of stores and restaurants when you become a member. Tons of top brands participate in the program, so if you’re already shopping there, you might as well be getting something in return!

How to Start Saving for College

There’s never a bad time to start saving for college, and it’s never too early! The earlier, the better, as it can make a big difference by the time you’re heading to college, but remember that every dollar saved is an accomplishment. Every amount helps, whether you’ve been saving for ten years or ten months.

Programs like Upromise are a great resource to get you started and help you stay on track along the way. Saving money for college can be a long and confusing process, and having experts to guide you can help you stay motivated along the way.

Want to learn more? Check out all the tools Upromise has here.