Everything You Should Know About Nelnet

Nelnet | Student FinTech

Student loans can be confusing. Between juggling multiple loans (and lenders), keeping track of each loan’s terms, and staying on top of your payments, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why Nelnet was created.

What is Nelnet?

Founded in 2011, Nelnet is a site that is dedicated to providing student loan servicing to students and prospective students of secondary education institutions. If you have a student loan or plan to obtain one, this acts as a portal for all of your student loan details.

They partner with the Department of Education to help you keep all of your student loan information in one place, as well as process your student loan payments, walk you through different stages of the student loan process, and help you find options to lower your monthly payments.

They also offer information and resources to help you understand the different phases of having student loans (broken down by “in school,” “in grace,” and “in repayment”), figure out if consolidation or refinancing is right for you, and guide you through your options for repaying your loan.

Whether you’re still looking into your loan options, or have already borrowed a student loan, Nelnet is a great site to keep bookmarked!

As they explain on their site, it’s a possibility that they own your student loan, but they also help manage and provide help for loans through other lenders (including federal student loans).

If any of the below are applicable to you, Nelnet can help you with your account:

  • You borrowed a loan through Nelnet directly
  • You borrowed a Federal Direct Loan from the Department of Education, and Nelnet was specified as your loan servicer
  • Your loan was sold to the Department of Education by your lender, and Nelnet was specified as your loan servicer
  • Your loan was sold to Nelnet by your lender, and Nelnet is now the owner and servicer of the loan
  • Your lender specified Nelnet as your loan servicer